Travelogue: Southern California July 2017

It’s been a fun and busy summer over here in the Sato-Im household. The biggest event has been the arrival of the latest member of our family- Nama, a french bulldog puppy. We (or mostly Russell) spent the first part of the summer very much in the baby trenches with sleep-deprived nights and lots of pee/poo clean-ups. Before Russell goes back to school in a few weeks, we wanted a quick family vacation, so we spent a weekend in LA while Russell’s parents watched our pup. Now that Satski is two, we have to pay for his plane seat. This makes for a much more comfortable flight, but also means we’ll be scaling back our travel frequency. It was a good two-year run, Satski’s now flown 7 times I think? First stop of our trip was Delicatessen by Osawa in Pasadena for delicious re-fueling.  We spent one night at Russell’s uncle’s house. His uncle has custom built this beautiful Japanese garden in his backyard. Satski cooled off his toes in the running stream.      Satski played with his cousins’ old legos and cars. They even let him keep two! You’ll notice in these photos that he almost always has toy cars in his hands. The next morning we visited our other cousins for a quick brunch and play session. Satski and his cousin are born just one day apart from each other and we wish could hang out with them more regularly.   Russell spent the rest of the day in LA shopping while I drove Satski down to my sister’s house where we met up with my parents and my brother.  We went to the Children’s Museum at La Habra.  So many different rooms to experience. Satski had a blast and we all loved watching him explore.  My parents put him down for the night so we could go out for a sushi dinner.

The next morning my sister made breakfast, complete with pastries from Porto’s.  So good. My sister and brother-in-law graciously let us spend 3 nights with them. We spent the rest of the morning at our friend’s house for a reunion and play date.   These kids’ moms and I talk weekly in a mommy chat group but it’s rare that we can all get together. The love goes deep though.  On our final day in town, we went to Disney’s California Adventure!  This was Satski’s 3rd visit to a Disney amusement park but the first time things really clicked for him. He’s so obsessed with cars (all cars in general but also the Cars movie) right now that it was the perfect time to visit Cars Land.  Radiator Springs is done so well!  He was so excited but also still pretty overwhelmed and we had a fair share of melt-downs throughout the day.   Satski got drenched in this Bugs Land puddle park so we had to buy him a whole new outfit, Cars shorts and shoes. We met up with Russell’s long-time friend from high school and his two boys at Downtown Disney. We could’ve gone back to the park for more rides and the night parade, but we were exhausted and called it an early night.

These types of whirlwind trips aren’t easy- we spent so much time on LA freeways and Satski’s sleep schedule was completely off- but they’re worth it to see all our friends and family. We had so many people go the extra mile to meet with us too, we’re extremely grateful. All in all a sweet little get-away before the madness of the fall and school year starts up again.

Here’s a look back at our first trip to Disneyland, and our second. Our little boy is growing up! Hope he continues to have lots of magical childhood memories.



2 thoughts on “Travelogue: Southern California July 2017

  1. I enjoy reading your travelogues. I can’t get over how quickly Satski has grown. He’s not a baby anymore. Still cute as ever, though.

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