Satski’s Second Birthday

Satski had a Minion-themed party for his second birthday. We invited 20 or so kids and their parents to breakfast in the park, starting at 9 a.m. Ridiculously early unless you have kids that wake up at 7 and nap at noon.  Russell and I had to wake up at 6 to go set up, but otherwise it was a really chill party where the kids played on the playground and the adults caught up over breakfast burritos and coffee. Our friend’s dog was a hit for entertainment.                     These were the favors in the goodie bags along with paper goggles, stickers, and train whistles.

Satski is obsessed with the Minions and he was ecstatic seeing all the variations of his favorite characters. It was so much fun planning this party for him and seeing his genuine happiness all day.

This is the letter I wrote for him in a journal I’m updating every year: 

My sweet and salty boy of extremes, how is it that you’re already two years old? When I see your chubby little cheeks, toes and thighs, and when I hold you in my arms at the end of the day, I wish you’d stay my baby forever. And yet I thrill at all the exciting developments as you become a talking, running, and ever-curious boy. You are kind and loving, stubborn and difficult, singular and amazing.

This year you were empowered with the ability to walk and speak. You were pretty wobbly at first, crouched like you were walking under bridges and ran with a sideways flail. You’re solid now but still want to be carried by me sometimes, and man you’re so heavy. Some of my favorite words you say: clock, ball, Hama (for Harlem), doo woah (for dinosaur), mommy best, wake up daddy, self (for do it myself), super fast, ever (for love you forever), and the arsenal of names of friends and family you love.

You also say “again” a lot for all your obsessions: books, songs, videos, bubbles, mom and dad being silly, Minions, race cars, coloring. You’ve always known exactly what you want, when you want it, and how to express it (so many tears and tantrums!). I hope you continue to grow up to be a great communicator. But also learn about patience and recovering from not always getting your own way.

Over this past year we’ve traveled together to Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Sea Ranch, Las Vegas, Disneyland, Yosemite, San Diego, and Washington. Let’s keep exploring together; I love experiencing new things with you. We also spent a lot of time apart this year while I worked, went away on business trips, and did my yoga teacher training. You cried every time I left and it broke my heart but I hope I can be a better mommy to you as I challenge myself in the world and bring back my knowledge to you. You’ve already nailed your downward dog. It’s so hard being apart from you but you always greet me with a huge smile and pure love, so thank you. You also have an awesome dad who picks up my slack. What you guys have is so special; I hope you’re best friends forever. You may come to me for snuggles, but you go to dad to show you how stuff works, learn how to be cool, and to get a good laugh. Speaking of your laugh, it’s infectious and goes deep when you get really excited. You’re such a happy and affectionate boy and you make everyone around you so happy too.

I hope to keep building fun and magical memories for you. It’s been astonishing watching your brain process and remember small things like the 8 balls at your oba’s house, bees in flower beds, where the bananas are, the words to the lullaby I sing to you, boys running on the beach.

Most of all I wish that you’ll always be confident and the fullest expression of yourself. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see how you grow this next year. Happy birthday baby boy. You’re two!




3 thoughts on “Satski’s Second Birthday

  1. What a beautiful letter. Happy Birthday to your baby boy. It’s been great watching him grow through your eyes. Thank you for sharing.

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