Travelogue: Yosemite January 2017

One of my new travel goals is to go to as many national parks with Satski while he’s growing up (and still willing to hang out with his old folks). After a rainy week this past January, we went to Yosemite to see the snow. On our way we were nervous that all the snow had melted but as we went up in elevation, voila, so much snow. We stayed in Fish Camp, just a little outside the park in a tree house cabin with my parents and brother.  There was a hill in the backyard and sleds in the mud room. Which made for tons of fun for Satski’s very first snow day in his life.  I haven’t had this much fun in the snow in years either. One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to re-live the joy of childhood with your kid.  The cabin had an extensive collection of classic movies. We watched Bambi and Back to the Future. Later during the trip we bought Satski a deer doll, and he’s been lovingly calling it Bambi since. (You can see it in his jacket pocket in some of the pictures in this post.) The next day we went to to Tenaya Lodge for breakfast and sledding on their kiddie hill.   After nap time, we went back outside to build snowmen and make snow angels. Quick trip but hopefully the first of many exciting adventures across America’s great national parks. And Yosemite’s only 3 hours away, so I’m looking forward to exploring a lot more of this park with Satski.


2 thoughts on “Travelogue: Yosemite January 2017

    • Thanks! We had to buy the gloves at Tenaya Lodge because we didn’t think to pack any until the last minute and couldn’t find kid snow gloves anywhere. Everything else we got on ebay because it’s such a waste to spend so much money on all the gear when they grow out of everything so fast!

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