Travelogue: Orange County and Disneyland 2016

In between Christmas and New Year of 2016, we made a quick trip down to Orange County with Russell’s parents, and we went to Disneyland! This was Satski’s 2nd time — we went last Christmas with my side of the family. We only went on one ride last year and Satski wasn’t even walking yet. It was a much different story this time around with our little toddler.

2016-12-27_09-28-17_050 The first of many tantrums began at the airport. 2016-12-27_10-39-17_000But he did really well on the flight, thanks to these headphones from Santa.  2016-12-27_15-23-11_774We stayed at an AirBNB in Newport Beach and Satski got unlimited snuggles with his oji (grandpa).2016-12-27_16-56-58_534We went out to dinner at Bear Flag Fish Co. I love their ceviche and grilled artichoke. And Satksi learned how to dip his chips in guac.  2016-12-27_16-59-16_723 2016-12-27_17-06-28_129 2016-12-27_17-19-22_843

The next morning we got up early to head to Disneyland. Here’s everyone waiting for the prince to finish eating his breakfast.  This picture cracks me up. 2016-12-28_07-28-21_723img_00452016-12-28_09-44-00_220We had a rough start in the morning.  Satski was pissed about having to be in a stroller and wailed across the entire parking lot. We were like, stop crying, we’re trying to have fun! I carried him the length of Downtown Disney. He was pretty confused  when we entered the park and was clinging to me for dear life. He didn’t understand why we had to keep moving in tiny, slow increments in line for the Dumbo ride.

2016-12-28_09-50-36_000Once we were on the ride he was bewildered by the bar lap pinning him in place while we jerked him up and down and tried to convince him we were having a good time. He cried the whole time.2016-12-28_10-10-24_000-2017-01-25t04_51_18-435 He loved meeting Goofy in Toon Town though. 2016-12-28_10-10-44_000-2017-01-25t04_51_09-753 2016-12-28_10-13-50_443
Not impressed.picmonkey-collage

Hahaha! No, actually we couldn’t get him off the cars in Toon Town because he liked them so much. img_0003Satski would’ve been perfectly happy to spend the entire day at this one door in Toon Town. It buzzed like it was electrocuting and he found it hilarious.

2016-12-28_11-37-57_096We eventually dragged him away to watch the Mickey and the Magical Map show. He was just sort of into it. I think he would’ve liked it a lot more if he knew who all the characters were. 2016-12-28_11-38-59_000-2017-01-25t04_50_51-765 2016-12-28_12-17-48_332On our walk to lunch, he fell asleep, according to plan. He took a 2-hour nap while we had a leisurely and quiet lunch at Aladdin’s Oasis.  They have a pre-fixe meal that comes with reserved spots for the night parade.2016-12-28_12-54-53_949img_0061After lunch we went to the Enchanted Tiki Room show. Satski was amazed by the singing birds and was running circles around the fountain, oohing and aahing. It was so gratifying for us adults to see the magic of Disney through his eyes. This was my favorite part of the day. img_0060

2016-12-28_14-44-45_000Then we went on the Jungle Cruise where he pointed out the elephants, monkeys, and hippos.

The park was incredibly crowded because of the holidays, and there was no way we were waiting in 2-hour lines, so we headed back to the safety of Toon Town.

2016-12-28_15-51-10_000Satski went down this slide a couple of dozen times. Who needs Space Mountain when you have a teeny over-crowded slide?

Satski ate a nutritious dinner of fries and was quickly melting past his bedtime. We really wanted to watch the Paint the Night parade so we did our best to keep him calm and awake. img_00522016-12-28_17-51-13_622 2016-12-28_18-51-33_000 2016-12-28_18-39-24_000

Okay, so maybe this was my favorite part of the day.2016-12-28_18-52-04_000I can’t believe we survived over ten hours in the park with a one-year old. There were lots of highs and lows.  I made grand plans for the day, and figured we wouldn’t get to most of it, but I was surprised by how much we were able to enjoy. Here’s my overly-ambitious map of the day, if anyone’s interested in how to plan Disney with a baby:

screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-2-26-06-pm screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-2-26-48-pm2016-12-29_07-22-33_000The next morning we showed him all the video clips of Disneyland so he could see it hadn’t all been just a dream.  2016-12-29_10-08-06_000Then we spent the morning exploring Balboa Island in Newport Beach. 2016-12-29_10-26-02_000 2016-12-29_10-40-59_000Satski spent like half an hour kicking rocks.

2016-12-29_16-12-43_000Later that afternoon Russell and his dad took Satski out to a nearby park with a pretty awesome vista.  2016-12-29_16-16-37_000 2016-12-29_20-00-51_768And then my sister, brother-in-law, and parents came over for dinner with a catered Korean feast.  2016-12-29_16-46-23_521Satski couldn’t believe his luck with all the amazing surprises that kept coming his way. It’s so funny how he never has a clue about what’s going to be happening every day. But he’s pretty good at rolling with the punches. And we’re doing our best to create fun, loving memories for him. 2016-12-30_11-12-16_935


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