My Sister’s Wedding

My sister got married! The wedding took place in June 2016 at the Center Club in Costa Mesa. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the day by Sloan Photographers.

eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0032 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0062 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0108 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0144 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0171 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0199 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0214 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0242 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0277 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0283 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0286 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0324 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0325 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0326 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0603eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0386 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0476 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0443 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0400  eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0409 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0555 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0582 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0585 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0594  eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0647 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0671 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0538 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0541 eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0813

Such a sweet celebration! All my sister’s hard work at planning came together beautifully. She looked gorgeous, as you can see from the photos. My brother-in-law has felt like family for a long time so it was happy occasion to make it official. One of things I appreciated the most about my sister getting married was being able to spend so much time with her over the last year. She’s one of the kindest people that I know and I’m so thankful to have her in my life as such an integral character. It was also really fun to dance with my mom and her sisters. 😉


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