A Look Back at 2016

I was thinking back on this year and realized so much has happened; I wanted to get it all down on paper and then I remembered I have this blog I’ve been neglecting. Every day is a miracle with our little boy growing up. And we’ve had lots to celebrate but also to mourn. Here’s a quick look back on my 2016.


Brought in the new year at both of my grandmas’ houses in LA. Here’s my mom’s mom: img_0278_2And my dad’s mom for her 80th birthday family reunion. screen-shot-2016-01-15-at-9-41-25-pm


Visited Sea Ranch. img_0626


Cheered on Satski as he started taking his first steps. img_0068


Spring breaked in Austin, Texas. img_0464_2 Celebrated Satski’s first birthday!img_0572


Partied with my sister for her bachelorette party in Napa and San Francisco. img_0846 img_0845


Toasted Russell for Father’s Day and kicked off his summer as a stay-at-home-dad. img_1574_2 img_1049Stood by my sister as she got married. eurie_peter_wedding_06182016_0476


Spent a weekend in Santa Cruz to meet Satski’s new cousin. img_2310Watched the Giants win at our annual family tailgate party. img_1324_2 img_1332


Vacationed in Santa Barbara. img_1818Satski and Russell went back to school.img_1826 img_1831 Russell and I celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary. img_1900I traveled solo to New York for a 4-night business trip- the longest I’ve ever been away from Satski. It was both heart-breaking and liberating. img_1952 img_1957


Started a 200-hour yoga teacher training program on top of working full-time and being a mom. It’s why I haven’t been able to blog regularly these days, but I love it. More thoughts to come on this new journey. img_2220 img_2224


Turned 33!img_2552My friends surprised me as I was coming downstairs after putting Satski down for the night and we had a quiet little dinner party. img_2564


Spent Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with my parents and siblings. I want to eventually post about all the toddler-friendly things we found to do there. 2016-11-22_16-12-16_8082016-11-24_18-29-11_808


Said good-bye to my dear grandma. 2016-12-08_11-52-17_146

I wish I had called my grandma more often and spent more time with her. We had 33 good years together- she helped raise me and lived with my family for several years, and we even traveled to Korea together. I’m so grateful she got to meet Satski, celebrate her milestone 80th birthday, and make it to my sister’s wedding this year.

It feels like I’m always running around like a crazy person, not getting everything done and letting life escape me. Looking back, I see I spent 2016 well with family. I worked hard and devoted time to my mind, body, and spirit. My resolution this upcoming year is to feel less guilty/stressed about not doing one thing when I’m doing the other. I realize I can’t have it all, but damned if I don’t keep trying, I just want to do it with a little more grace.

Cheers everyone, happy holidays.


3 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2016

  1. Oh, this brought tears to my eyes. I’m so sorry for your loss. Good luck to you on all of your endeavors and happy new year! I have enjoyed following your blog for the past couple of years.

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