Sundays with Satski: September 2016

Satski at seventeen months old is very active and vocal. Here are a few photos from a recent Sunday in September. img_2101Russell had a hair cut in the morning so I asked him to drop us off at a park on the way. Both of us completely forgot to put shoes on Satski, so he ended up being out on the playground in his socks. His socks are also way too small on him, you can see the neon ankle hitting the middle of his feet.  Parenting fail. img_2105Since he was none too pleased to be shoe-less at the park, I walked him to Vitality Bowl to have some breakfast.  img_2107I love that this place has a little kids corner with toys. But bizarrely for being a family-friendly place, they don’t have a changing table in the bathroom. I had to change a poopy diaper on the bathroom floor with toilet seat covers laid out all around Satksi. Again, not my finest parenting moment.  img_2109He fell asleep on the walk home.  I was able to pick him up and transfer him to bed and take a nap too. Finally, a win. img_2110 One of Satski’s favorite activities is to sit and watch the washing machine. img_2113He’s still a great eater. I continue to make chicken and rice soup for him regularly. Other menu items  in the rotation include turkey patties, salmon polenta cakes, and pasta. He loves Korean food, including kimchi. img_2117He has lots of energy and we have to let him run around often. Thankfully he’s still amused by our concrete courtyard and the rocks.  img_2120Wish Sundays were just fun days, but I have to get most of my errands done. On this day we went shopping at Trader Joe’s and then I made his lunches for the week.  img_2122Other notable things about Satski at 17 months:

  • He goes to bed at 7 PM and sleeps until 6:30 AM on most days. Thank god the daily 5 AM wake-ups are finally over.
  • When he’s at daycare he takes one long 3-hour nap. But when he’s at home with us he still takes two shorter naps.
  • He can say nose, teeth, ears, hat, hot, uh oh, mama, dad, papa, keys, rock, clock, ball, nana (for banana), more, no, up, bye, hi, shoes, woah, two, tree, wuh wuh (for dog), bubble, fish, toes, and he just started saying cookie this week. His favorite word is still clock, but it comes out like ‘cock’ so he’s constantly just yelling out ‘cock.’
  • He can play the harmonica.
  • He loves dogs and will approach any and all sizes for slobbery kisses.
  • He only has stranger danger with women.
  • After having only 8 teeth for the longest time, 6 more, including molars, sprouted up all at once. He went to his first dentist appointment and I was told to start flossing his teeth. Yeah right.
  • He can throw a mean tantrum. One time he was hysterical until I picked him up. He was able to stop his tears immediately, flash a quick smile, and say ‘bye’ to Russell. Scary. He’s very manipulative.
  • But he’s also very affectionate and gives really good hugs and open mouth kisses. When he hugs, he taps his hands around your shoulder like he’s saying “there, there.”
  • I’m finding this age to be ridiculously cute. He cracks me up all the time.



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