Travelogue: Central Coast 2016

For a last summer hoorah, our family took a little trip down to the central coast of California.img_1707_2In Paso Robles we stayed in an en suite Air BNB. It had its own entrance and deck, but the hosts lived above us and had instructions for everything around the house that amounted to the feeling that they were breathing down our necks the whole time. Satski enjoyed their outdoor space at least. img_2075 img_2076On Saturday morning, Satski and I went to Sculpterra Winery and Sculpture Garden for a picnic lunch.  img_1727 img_1719_2Russell didn’t join us because… he was getting a tattoo! Kind of the whole reason we went on this trip. He found a tattoo artist he really likes but he’s all the way in Atascadero.  img_1730_2Satski and I showed up to pick Russell up just as his arm was getting bandaged. It’s a much bigger piece than I expected, but it turned out beautifully.  img_1731_2From there we drove two more hours and got to Santa Barbara in time for dinner. This AirBNB was a much better experience. It was near downtown and only 5 minutes from the beach. We stayed in a cabin apart from the main house that had lots of big windows with lots of sunlight and a view of the hills. The house was old but super charming and reminded me instantly why I love Santa Barbara. I started plotting how we can eventually move back to this town the minute we set our bags down. img_1762 For dinner we went to Public Market, a new marketplace with different food vendors. It’s on the same street Russell lived on during grad school. So much has changed. img_2077The tough part of vacation with a toddler is you have to get home early for bed time. We wished we could walk around some more but our little guy was pretty tired. So we put him down, had a glass of wine in the hot tub on the deck, finished watching Stranger Things, then picked up a second dinner from Edomasa.   img_1765_2On Sunday morning we went to our favorite breakfast joint, Cajun Kitchen.  They have the best breakfast burritos and jambalaya. img_1767_2We had to let Satski get his wiggles out before going back home for his first nap, so we went over to Alice Keck Gardens.  We wanted to show him the turtles, but most were hiding. On really nice days, you can see hundreds sunning themselves around the pond. img_2081 img_2080Across the street from the garden, we discovered a really cool playground called Alameda Park. It has a tall wooden castle that kids can climb and lots of little paths and stairs for kids to explore.  img_1771 img_1773 img_2084 img_2085We went back home and took a family nap then headed back out, this time to the Funk Zone for some wine tasting.  img_1781_2This area is also new. They’ve converted warehouses into boutique tasting rooms for the nearby wineries. We went to Municipal Winemakers. Russell had a San Pellegrino, Satski had his sippy cup, and I did a tasting and bought a few bottles. Wish I’d gotten more!  And had more time to visit more tasting rooms. img_1782_2We walked to Lilly’s Tacqueria and saw a long line out the door. I can see why it’s so popular.  img_1790_2Then we walked down State Street and got some Blenders in the Grass smoothies.  This is a picture of Satski sitting in the courtyard I used to walk through everyday when I worked at the Santa Barbara News-Press. img_1794_2And this is a picture of us in front of a club we used to go to called Q’s. I celebrated my 21st birthday there. It’s so crazy to think Russell and I met in this town 15 years ago! And now we have a baby!  img_1799Satski had to go home again for his second nap. But he wouldn’t go to sleep so we just relaxed for a while before heading out to the beach. img_1800_2 img_2087The weather was perfect and the water was warm. Satski was scared and clinging to me at first but then he loved it. He really wanted to go all the way in, but we stupidly didn’t bring a change of clothes and we had dinner reservations to get to.  img_2091 img_1818We went to Boathouse and got a seat with a view.  Satski had the crab cakes and coleslaw. This babe eats so well.img_1809_2After dinner he passed out in the car and I carried him in. We had to wake him up to take a bath and keep him up for a few more hours so he wouldn’t wake up too early the next morning.  We live to the tune of his sleep schedule, can you tell much? img_2089The next morning, we woke up early and had coffee and biscuits from French Press then got on the road for the 300 mile, 5-hour drive back home. As much as our lives are dictated by Satski’s schedule, he lets us have our fun too. We’re glad he travels well so we can make all these family memories.


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