Travelogue: Sea Ranch July 2016

Our latest trip to Sea Ranch started as it always does, with a bowl of garlicky clam chowder in Bodega Bay. IMG_1409_2 IMG_1407_2 IMG_1406_2 IMG_1449We left at 8 AM and arrived to the house around 11. It was such a relief to escape the heat of the East Bay to the cool foggy seaside.  IMG_1443_2Russell bought a baby hiking backpack on Craigslist. Satski loves it, loves it so much he passes out in it almost every time.   IMG_1417_2 IMG_1419_2IMG_1446_2 IMG_1424_2Our friends with a son the same age as Satski joined us. They don’t quite play together yet but they play side by side and keep each other company.  They’re the cutest.  IMG_1425_2 IMG_1426_2 IMG_1432_2 IMG_1445  PicMonkey CollageI took Monday off from work and we stayed an extra night. The fog cleared and it was beautiful sunny skies. IMG_1979 IMG_1982 IMG_1983 IMG_1987 IMG_1989 IMG_1990


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