Sundays with Satski: July 2016

A Sunday with Satski at 1 year and 3 months old.

5:47 AM: Up for the day. An improvement from the previous month’s 5 AM wake-up call. But still brutal. IMG_1336_2We hang out in his room and read some books. I try to stay lying down for as long as possible.

6:30: Go downstairs, watch some TV, have yogurt for breakfast. He wants to do everything by himself.  IMG_1340_2My neck and back are killing me from carrying around this increasingly heavier baby (about 30 pounds now). The day before we went to a Giants game and sat in the nosebleed seats which required carrying him up so many stairs. He also napped on me so I sat slouched in the chair for an hour before making the long trek back to the car with him strapped to my chest. I’m paying for it today. IMG_1343_27:30:  Out for breakfast to Buttercup with my brother who spent the night. Satski loves his uncle. He straight up ignores me when Eugene’s around. IMG_1346_2IMG_1344_29:00: We don’t have a backyard, but we spend a lot of time in the courtyard of our condo. It’s all concrete, so not the friendliest surface for babies, but Satski is endlessly fascinated by the rocks.  IMG_1348_2IMG_1349_2Bubble time!  IMG_1350_210-11: Nap

11:00: Hang out in Berkeley at his great-grandma’s house

IMG_1356_2 IMG_1360_22:00 Pick up our lunch at Gregoire, gourmet French fast food, perfect for lunch-on-the-go to make it back home in time for Satski’s nap. IMG_1363_23-4: Nap

4:00 Play with dad. Satski likes hanging out on this bottom step. Our house isn’t very big so we have to get creative with keeping him occupied in different areas. IMG_1364_2My big task for the day is to pack up all of Satski’s clothes that don’t fit anymore. I’ve just been shoving everything into a big pile in the closet and it’s getting out of control. I fill up 4 big trash bags full.  IMG_1365Russell keeps baby busy reading his favorite book and playing outside.  IMG_1366_2 IMG_1374_2 IMG_1371_25:00 Dinner followed by an episode of Sesame Street.  IMG_1375_2We run around a little more until 7:00 when we start the bed time routine.

8:00: Russell and I sit down to watch Night Of.


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