Travelogue: Santa Cruz July 2016

Our little family took a trip to Santa Cruz earlier this summer. We stayed in an AirBNB in the Westside of town, in a house with a snake, drum set, and a trampoline! Needless to say, Satski was very amused.

IMG_1229_2 IMG_1231_2 We spent time downtown, walking along Pacific Avenue down to the boardwalk. IMG_1254 IMG_1243_2 IMG_1246_2 IMG_1248_2We had dinner at the Picnic Basket, simple food made with local love. I ended up eating half of Satski’s almond butter and homemade jam sandwich.  IMG_1251_2The next morning, we were up early (as always) and got breakfast at Linda’s Seabreeze Cafe, where people were lined up at the door by the time we left at 8.   IMG_1382Satski made friends with a lady sitting next to us and the waiter who gave him some cool toys. The food was delicious.  IMG_1258_2 IMG_1259_2 IMG_1265We spent the rest of the day in Aptos for Satksi cousin’s 4th birthday pool party.

In the evening we met with up our friends who drove up from Pacific Grove to see us. We had dinner at Gabriella Cafe and dessert at The Penny Ice Creamery.  IMG_1270_2 IMG_1273_2On Sunday I picked up 100 donuts for our cousin Brooke’s book-themed baby shower.  IMG_1285 IMG_1286_2 IMG_1379

A quick, fun trip. We’re not traveling too far from home this summer but there are plenty of adventures nearby. It’s not always easy with a toddler in tow but we’re making the best of it.


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