Sundays with Satski: June 2016

One Sunday morning as I lay on the floor, awake at the ungodly hour of 5 AM, I decided to chronicle what a typical Sunday looks like with Satski. Here he is at 1 year and 2 months old.

5 AM: Rise and shine. Satski doesn’t care that it’s a weekend and mommy and daddy stayed up too late to watch a Netflix movie. He’s up between 5 and 5:30 and Sundays are no exception. He cries angrily as soon as he’s up, so I run downstairs for his milk the second I hear him. He calms down once he eats then I lay prostrate on the floor while he plays in his room. He takes off as many of his books as possible off his bookshelf. One Love is one of his current favorites. IMG_0972_2 6:30 AM: Once he gets done wreaking havoc in his room, he gets restless so we go downstairs and watch an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. I make him some green juice with spinach and fruit. IMG_0973_27:30 He plays and has a melt-down when he’s hungry and tired.  IMG_0975_28:00 He has cheerios and yogurt and re-energizes.  IMG_0982_2 8:30 More playing. Most of my pictures were too blurry because he’s usually pacing back and forth with a ball, demanding to be picked up in between, and sometimes sitting down for a minute to play with a toy and snuggle with his blanket.  IMG_0984_2 9:00: Milk and then he’s out for a nap for about an hour and a half. IMG_0987_2 IMG_0990_2While he’s napping I clean up the house and prepare his meals for the week. This chicken rice soup takes all day with chicken bones double-boiled, and vegetables chopped up into tiny bite size pieces. But once it’s done, I freeze it into ice cubes and it’ll last for over a month. IMG_0993_211:00: Time to get dressed.   IMG_0995_2 IMG_0997_2Russell gels him up and we’re ready for the day! IMG_1001_212:00: Lunch. He’s usually a good eater. But it doesn’t always go so smoothly.  IMG_1004_212:30: Oakland Zoo. In between his two naps is his longest stretch of productive time where we can go out and do something fun. IMG_1020_2 IMG_1008_2

2:30 Nap time. He sleeps in the car and then we carefully transfer him inside the house.We do our best to squeeze in a quick nap with him. IMG_1022_24:00: Up from his nap. 6th or so diaper change of the day.  IMG_1024_2He usually has his 3rd glass of milk before his nap but since he fell asleep in the car, he has one after.  IMG_1028_24:30: It’s so hot. We cool off in the pool.  IMG_1030_2 IMG_1036_2 IMG_1043_25:00: Dinner. He has the same thing almost every night- that chicken rice soup. Somehow he never tires of it.  IMG_1046_26:00: Russell prepares our dinner, Korean ribs that my mom left for us. Satski either sits with us and has a little of our food or watches an episode of Sesame Street. IMG_1048_27:00: Bath and night time routine.  IMG_1052_27:30: Last bottle of the day. Brush teeth. Two books. Sound machine on. Lights out.  IMG_1053_210:00: We have about two hours to ourselves to clean up, take showers, and watch Game of Thrones. We check on him on the baby monitor and go to bed. He’ll be up by 5 again on Monday morning. IMG_1057_2


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