Game Night at Chronicle Books

Recently Chronicle Books has been producing more games. That’s right, we’re not just book publishers, we’re really in the business of paper in all delightful formats. In order to sell these new games, the sales force needs to know how to play them, so our executive sales director organized a game night. I thought I’d stop by really quick and get home, but the games sucked me in and I ended up staying much later and drinking more margarita than I had intended. IMG_0870_2 IMG_0858_2 IMG_0857_2Guilty As Charged reminds me of a Korean drinking game I used play a lot when I was studying abroad in Seoul. Players have to point fingers at who they think would be most guilty of what’s written on the playing card. People were seriously cracking up so hard around this table. IMG_0860_2Dog Dominoes is dominoes with dog breeds instead of dots. Pretty dang cute. IMG_0856_2 IMG_0866_2 IMG_0859_2In Previously On you have to guess the TV series based on a series of images.  IMG_0861_2Trump Cards are kind of like War except the subject matters are celebrities, bands, fashion designers, and cyclists.   IMG_0863_2 IMG_0865_2Missing Socks is a memory game where you have to match different patterned socks.  IMG_0869_2This Sigrid Calon Memory Game was way more challenging than the socks.  IMG_0867_2In Bird Bingo, the dealer calls out breeds of birds. The illustrations are beautiful and educational. I love all these good old fashioned games with a twist. IMG_0872In the end, it was this Frank Lloyd Wright puzzle that kept me late at the party. I couldn’t leave without finishing it. I posted a quick video on my Instagram of the satisfying moment of putting the last piece in with some of my co-workers.

Screen shot 2016-06-05 at 9.24.21 PM

Sastski was asleep by the time I got home, but mama’s got to have a few fun nights to herself, even if it is work!


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