Baby Satski at Twelve Months

IMG_6374At twelve months Baby Satski weighs 25.4 pounds (94th percentile) and is 32 inches tall (87th percentile). He’s so tall that he barely fits on this blanket anymore. He’s one and officially a toddler.  IMG_6372One week after his first birthday he started walking on his own. He’s been able to take a few steps for 5 weeks, but it wasn’t until now that’s he’s fully walking around. He’s improving each day.  IMG_6378He now drinks cow’s milk and from sippy cups. We’re supposed to take him completely off the bottle, but he still has one at the end of the night. More for me than for him, I think. It’s one of the best parts of my day, cradling him in my arms as he finds so much comfort in the bottle. One of the very last vestiges of baby-hood and I’m holding on tight. He eats an alarming amount and variety of solids. We watched in awe as he took down two tacos by himself, with cilantro, spicy chicken, salsa and all. And this was after he had his dinner of 6 ounces of chicken rice soup. He’s got a bit of a potbelly now but also burns a ridiculous amount of calories with how active he is. IMG_6368He got a professional hair cut from Russell’s barber a week before his birthday party. He sat still the entire time and watched the room with curiosity while he nursed a bottle. He looks so grown up and handsome with his hard side part that we now style with baby gel. IMG_6383He has 7 teeth and is crazy drool-y. We think he’s always teething, so we just put his amber necklace on every day in hopes that it helps with the pain. And it looks pretty cute too. Those handkerchief bibs he’s always wearing are soaked. He’s still very social but prefers men to women, especially his grandpas and uncles. His favorite word is dada. He still goes from 0 to 100 real quick. IMG_6385We had a big first birthday party for him, more pictures to come.   Here’s a video we made to commemorate his first year.

This has been the hardest year of my life but it’s gone by much too fast. I want to rewind every minute, which I try to do by capturing every memory on camera. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat, even the painful labor, sleepless nights, irrational mood swings, moments of uncertainty, hours of pumping and bottle washing. I’m mourning the graduation from infancy but I’m celebrating and looking forward to all the years to come. That’s a wrap on the monthly baby updates, but I’m sure there’ll still be a lot of Satski around on this blog. Thanks for reading!PicMonkey Collage













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