Travelogue: Austin 2016

For Russell’s Spring Break from school this year we went to Austin, Texas. Virgin America was having a sale, I’ve always wanted to go, and it seemed like a manageable distance to travel with an 11-month old. IMG_0452_2Terminal 2 at SFO has this cool minimalist playground. How cute are these guys in their comfortable track suit travel gear?

IMG_0231The flight there was a bit of a nightmare. Baby Satski scream cried for a good part of it and demanded to be walked up and down the plane for a few hours. The aisles of the plane couldn’t have been more narrow. Luckily we were seated next to a woman with a 1-year old at home, who completely understood our pain and was patient with Satski, even reading him books that she had bought for her daughter. She also gave us some good tips on family-friendly things to do in Austin.   IMG_0258From the airport we went straight to dinner and were greeted with these hammocks and super chill vibes at East Side King.  I ordered a wine cocktail and got right into vacation mode. Russell picked up dessert later that night from Gourdoughs. Pictured below are the Flying Pig (donut topped with bacon and maple icing) and the Funky Monkey (donut topped with bananas, cream cheese icing and brown sugar). IMG_0259Screen shot 2016-04-18 at 9.11.18 PMWe stayed in this sweet charming home in the Zilker Park area. The home really made our trip. We searched AirBNB for something with a crib, and the host even left us with some swaddle blankets and a high chair. We had 3 rooms to spread out in. So much better than being stuck in a hotel room, with lights off when baby goes to bed. We were close to good coffee shops, cool restaurants and bars, and Zilker Park.  IMG_0270_2 IMG_0454_2 IMG_0267_2Satski doesn’t like to nap in cribs, so we had to improvise. Russell walked him around in a carrier until he fell asleep then used the cushions from the pull-out couch to lay him down.  IMG_0268_2 IMG_0262This coffee shop near our place was famous for their butter coffee. It was built out of a shipping container. So unassuming but so cool. IMG_0266 IMG_0273_2A trip with Russell wouldn’t be complete without stopping by a sneaker shop. We had planned to go to a kids museum on our first day, but Satski fell asleep in the car and we were too late to go in because the museum closes early on Mondays. We ended up being close to a Torchy’s Tacos and a sneaker shop called Nice Kicks that Russell wanted to check out. IMG_0274_2 IMG_0277_2Torchy’s queso is so good. Their spicy tacos had me sweating and my eyes running. After lunch we shopped around the North Congress area.  IMG_0287_2 IMG_0285_2 IMG_0289 IMG_0286_2We took lots of breaks at home.  IMG_0292

One of the best things about being on vacation is not having anything to do while baby naps. We’re usually running around cleaning up and doing errands when Satski sleeps, but on vacation we just took naps alongside him, which meant two naps a day! IMG_0300_2For dinner on our second night we went to a barbecue place my cousin from Texas recommended called The County LineIMG_0301_2 IMG_0308_2We each ordered the “All You Can Stand” option for all-you-can eat sides and 6 types of meat. Baby’s face says it all about our gluttony. IMG_0311 IMG_0306_2 IMG_0323The next morning we were back at it again with breakfast at TacoDeli. Why do Texans do breakfast tacos so well? And why don’t we have them in California?? We have breakfast burritos, but those migas tacos are something else. IMG_0325_2For lunch we went to a popular ramen spot called Ramen Tatsu-Ya.  I ordered wine out of a can. IMG_0326_2Then we went to the Barton Springs Pool.  Baby Satksi held on tight when I took him into the deep end, and eventually relaxed enough to enjoy splashing around in the shallower area. IMG_0367 IMG_0334_2 IMG_0364 IMG_0357_2We had a memorable “ranch to table” dinner that night at Contigo. I love all the outdoor seating. The weather was perfect while we were in town. 80s with low humidity.  IMG_0360_2 IMG_0394I love this picture with baby’s tiny hand in the corner. We bring food packs along with us to restaurants for back-up but Satksi’s been eating a little bit of everything with us. Lucky kid got to explore lots of new flavors in Austin.  IMG_0365_2On our final day of vacation we checked out the Whole Foods flagship store and the Book People bookstore next door. We bought Baby a copy of The Jungle Book from BabyLit. It’s a new bedtime favorite. IMG_0366_2 IMG_0464_2 IMG_0370We had lunch at Home Slice where they give kids chunks of dough to play with. Then we circled back to our original plans for the kids museum and spent our last few hours of vacation at The Thinkery. Satski loved it! IMG_0468 IMG_0379 IMG_0396 IMG_0470_2 IMG_0390_2The flight back home went much more smoothly. Tired out from all the activity at the museum, Baby Satski slept for two hours then woke up happy and played on our laps for the last two hours. He grows up a lot on each trip we take him on. We’re really enjoying traveling as a family of three. We didn’t get to check out the bar and music scene in Austin and had to take things a lot more slowly, but we had still had so much fun.


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