Baby Satski at Eleven Months

IMG_6309Only 1 month until he’s 1! Baby Satski is more active and lovable than ever. He took his first steps just before he officially turned 11 months old. He’s been playing a lot with his balance, letting go of whatever he’s holding on to for a few seconds. Sometimes even bouncing while standing on his own. I saw him take a micro-step from the refrigerator door as I was cooking in the kitchen. I exclaimed, ‘Oh my god!’ and Russell came running over. We re-positioned the baby just far away enough from his toy to see him take a few more steps and capture it on camera. An exciting Saturday night in the Sato-Im household for sure. IMG_6315He likes to dance, bopping his head and swaying his body when he likes a certain beat. This Baby Einstein Musical Toy is his new favorite. He’s had it since birth, but he finally figured out how to push the button himself. He switches through the songs like someone who can’t decide what radio station to play and then holds it up to his ear and dances when he finally picks a tune. IMG_6327The Learning Table and Dance and Move BeatBo are life-savers too. They keep him occupied for a good amount of time. We have our hands free to actually get things done around the house now.  IMG_6331He’s eating whatever we’re eating now so he’s trying a lot of different flavors. He loves mandarin oranges and has at least one after every dinner. He’s completely off breast-milk. I ran out at 9 months; it was both devastating and liberating.  I wish I could’ve made it to 12 months, but I stopped producing. I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t gone back to work so soon, I would’ve been able to keep it up. But once I was back at work, he refused to breast-feed and only wanted the bottle. So I had to pump all the time. This means my body wasn’t getting the same hormones, and I wasn’t directly supplying the demand.  I got lazy with my pumping schedule too. I feel guilty for not giving him my absolute best, but I did what I could and he’s a pretty healthy dude. He drinks formula now (which is really expensive!) and I still make his separate solid meals from scratch then supplement with whatever we’re having for dinner. IMG_6333 IMG_6334He’s so much more engaged and communicative than before. He points at things, like the door when he wants to go outside. Or the iPhone button because he’s figured out exactly how to turn it on. He loves buttons of all kinds, including belly buttons. He’s fascinated with our tortoise, Porter. He plays hard all day. We just installed 5 gates around the house to try to corral him. IMG_6350 IMG_6351Sleep is still going pretty well. I was hoping that daylight savings would push his wake-up time to 6 AM, but nope, he still wakes up at 5. His internal clock adjusted overnight. I’ve read him the same book every night before putting him down, Wherever You Are, and now he actively tries to shut the book while I’m reading it. He knows it’s the last step before bed time. I can’t tell if he’s trying to accelerate or delay the process. We don’t even try at all anymore to nap him in his crib, he associates that with the long-sleep and refuses it during the day. So we just walk him around in a carrier, then lie him down on the futon mattress in our living room once he’s asleep.  Whatever works. IMG_6342This little man makes us so happy.  PicMonkey Collage


5 thoughts on “Baby Satski at Eleven Months

  1. Awwww, thanks for sharing all this. I wondered why baby gates are such a hot commodity. Hehe, that’s next for baby Sierra.

    I’m going through breastmilk and pumping woes as well. 😩 Trying to keep a positive attitude but it’s hard being a working mom and trying to pump 5 to 6 times a day. I swear that swoosh noise the pump makes is it secretly laughing at me. 😒

  2. Wow, that first photo in the post makes him look so big now. 🙂 Back in the early 1990’s when I had my last two children, I had to pump breast milk in a bathroom stall at work. I really disliked that. I’m hoping it was easier for you. But either way, it’s a hard thing to keep up with. You lasted longer than I did. Good job!

    • Oh dear lord, the bathroom stall? Thankfully we have a pump room at work. You have to reserve it in advance because we have so many mamas in the building. Then you have to label your milk because the mini fridge gets so full!

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