Travelogue: Sea Ranch February 2016

Over Valentine’s Day weekend, we went to Sea Ranch with our friends who have a baby girl a few weeks younger than Baby Satski. Here we were last year, pregnant and anxiously waiting for our lives to change.img_5531And here are our babes together now: IMG_0600_2

On this trip, we stopped in Bodega Bay, as we usually do, to pick up clam chowder for lunch. The soup came with these tiny and adorable Tabasco to-gos.

IMG_0562_2Baby Satski napped until we stopped the car, then we went out to the bay for a little while to get some fresh air. IMG_0546There were a few more  stops after that. Baby Satski was tired of being in the car, so we had to keep pulling over and then he spent the last 15 minutes of our car ride wailing in the back seat. He was as happy as a clam as soon as we arrived though. IMG_0559_2We quickly realized how un-baby proofed the house is with dangerous sharp corners, a wide and steep wooden stair case, and delicate furniture. When Russell’s grandparents built this house, they called this little area Russell’s play pit. Baby Satski enjoyed it for a few minutes before scrambling out to pull at the fireplace’s glass door, tear the pages of the nicely displayed magazines, and cause havoc throughout the rest of the house. He was so happy to be exploring all the new corners inside and outside of the house. Here he is in the front yard, “walking” around:  IMG_0563_2 IMG_0567_2 IMG_0570_2 IMG_0572_2 IMG_0573_2 IMG_0626 IMG_0580_2 IMG_0622 IMG_0616_2 IMG_0617_2 IMG_0608 IMG_0625It’s so nice to be on the same page when you’re traveling with other parents. There are extra sets of hands to make sure the babes are safe and taken care of. Sleep is prioritized. Dinner conversation is real talk about how hard and amazing this past year has been. We understand each other. And how cute are these two kids together??IMG_0590_2  IMG_0619_2 IMG_0609 IMG_0611 IMG_0612I’m so excited to watch Baby Satski grow up in Sea Ranch and experience new things each time we go. His world just keeps getting bigger and bigger and what an awesome place it is.


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