Baby Satski at Ten Months

IMG_6275Double digits, baby. Baby Satski is 10 months old and only 2 months from turning 1! He seems like such a toddler already. He’s very busy. Crawling, walking with the help of a walker, exploring, touching, tasting, laughing, crying. On this day he’s wearing his dad, Russell’s overalls that he wore when he was a baby. My mother-in-law saved boxes full of clothes that are now retro-gold. IMG_6273He’s down to two naps a day. Crazy to think he was napping every two hours just a few months ago.  His babysitter says he naps easily over at her house, but we have a lot of trouble getting him down on the weekends and resort to driving him around or holding him in a carrier until he falls asleep. I like that he can nap on the go, but I worry that we’re creating bad habits. IMG_6276He’s also down to five bottles in lesser quantities and now eats three regular solid meals a day.  He loves his Cheerios and yogurt for breakfast. For lunch he has veggies or pasta. And for dinner he usually has some protein and a little bit of whatever we’re eating. He was extremely picky earlier this month and only wanted string cheese, Puffs or crackers. He’d wail in his chair if I tried to feed him anything else. And he’s figured out how to shake his head “no.” I was afraid we had a bad eater on our hands, but turns out he was just teething and irritated. Once his new teeth broke through, he started eating well again and can now feed himself by picking up finger foods. On his 10-month birthday he had 2 new top teeth, but a few days later I discovered 2 more, for a total of 6! I’m going to miss his gummy smile. All the teething made him very drool-y, which resulted in a rash all around his face. Still managed to look pretty darn cute, though. IMG_6283We all had a bad cough throughout the month. Baby’s cold was lingering and he passed it on to Russell who then passed it on to me. It’s a vicious cycle. IMG_6296 IMG_6297He’s a very affectionate little boy. He’ll be playing busily by himself, then remember I’m sitting there, and come over to give me a big hug. He gives big, wet, open-mouthed kisses. Sometimes he feels shy around people and prefers holding tightly onto me. I love coming home from work and seeing how excited he is to see me. He can wave hi and bye, when he’s in the mood. And he can also high-five. IMG_6287Russell and I went on our first official date-night. My New Year’s resolution was to make time for us at least one night a month. So I put up an ad and found a babysitter in our neighborhood. She comes after we put Baby Satski down, so she just needs to stay over for a few hours at night and call us if he wakes up for longer than 15 minutes. Not a bad gig. We went out to dinner in Oakland at a new-ish restaurant called alaMar. It was strange to be out so late for an 8 pm reservation. We’re also doing a babysitting swap with one of the moms from my mommy group. I got to babysit her two girls and in exchange, she’ll watch our baby for our next date night. IMG_6300Baby celebrated his first Valentine’s Day and was lucky enough to spend it with another lady his age in Sea Ranch. I’ll post more on that later.  IMG_6305On one hand I’m sad that he’s growing up so fast, but on the other, this is such a fun phase right now. He’s much more interactive, and you can see him observing and processing new things all the time.  Little things like how he knows how to lift the tabs when I read him Dear Zoo, show how much he’s learning. I’m cherishing these last few months I get to have a baby, with toddlerhood quickly approaching.  PicMonkey Collage


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