Me, Lately

The blog, as a reflection of my life, has been consumed by baby lately. But I’m still here, carving out time for myself here and there. What better way to share what’s been on my mind than to tell you what I’ve been reading.

I used to borrow books from the library, but there’s no guarantee that I can finish anything in the 3-week allotted time anymore, so I’m buying my own copies now to leisure over as long as I want without imminent due dates. This way I’m also able to read newer releases that usually aren’t available at the library. And I’m also a lot more selective about what I read/spend my money on. In previous years, I challenged myself to finish 50 books a year. I’m being more forgiving to myself this year and bringing that number down to 20 (though I’m sure that combined with all the kids books I’ve been reading aloud, that number will be closer to 50). Here’s what I’ve been reading so far this year:

Fates and Furies

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. There have been so many books that have been described as “like Gone Girl” that I hate saying it, but the comparison is inevitable. This is the smarter, more Shakespearean version. The book explodes in the middle, glittering with masterful writing  and gratifying plot fillers. I found myself looking forward to my commutes thanks to this book. I’ve converted to eBooks for most of my reading these days, since it’s easier than schlepping books back and forth on the long train rides, and they’re great for reading while holding a sick baby in the dark.


Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche. This one has been on my to-read list since it came out in 2013. My mother-in-law just finished it for her book-club and let me borrow her copy which I devoured over a business trip to Chicago. On one hand, the story is very specific to a Nigerian experience, but on the other it’s encompassing of the immigration struggle. It had me thinking about the emotions my parents must have dealt with when they moved to the States. The author is scary smart. The way she picks apart people is frightening and relentless, but very well-done. After finishing her book, I watched her Ted Talk, and I’m very much looking forward to reading her essay, We Should All be Feminists.

My Life on the Road

My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem. I’m in the middle of this now and highlighting so many favorite passages, starting with the opening epigraph: “Evolution intended us to be travelers…Settlement for any length of time, in cave or castle, has at best been…a drop in the ocean of evolutionary time.”- Bruce Chatwin. And some more: “My second purpose is to encourage you to spend some time on the road, too. By that, I mean traveling- or even living for a few days where you are- in an on-the-road state of mind, not seeking out the familiar but staying open to whatever comes along.” In many ways, I’m more grounded than ever with a young child, but I’m also now more motivated to keep our family active. I want to experience as much of the world with Baby Satski and to also continue doing/seeing things by myself.  With that in mind, I’ve booked a family vacation for us in Austin, Texas this spring. And I’m going to try to appreciate my business trips more, not just seeing them as work but as opportunities to explore the unknown. I’m afraid/happy that having a baby hasn’t dampened my thirst for adventure.



3 thoughts on “Me, Lately

  1. I LOVE this window into your mind! You have so much character and yearning and sass that there’s no way you could ever lose yourself completely. I immediately put all these books onto my goodreads queue. Thanks for always inspiring me to direct more energy to reading!

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