Baby Satski at Nine Months

IMG_6247At his 9-month check-up, Baby Satski measured in at 23 lbs, 10 oz and 30 inches tall (95th percentile in both weight and height). He’s a good eater, trying new foods with ease, until just recently. We’re slowly transitioning him to less milk a day and more solid food meals. His typical daily schedule for the last month looked roughly like this: 5 AM wake and drink 6 ounces of milk, 7 AM nap, 8 AM drink 4 ounces of milk and eat 2 ounces of yogurt, 11 AM nap, 12 PM drink 4 ounces and eat 2 ounces of food, 3 PM nap, 5 PM drink 4 ounces and eat 2 ounces of food, 7 PM drink 6 ounces and sleep until 5 AM. He’s slowly dropping one bottle and that last nap. IMG_6250Over this past month, Baby made his first trip to Los Angeles, celebrated his first Christmas and New Year’s and met tons of extended family. He started showing the first signs of stranger anxiety, probably because he was around so many new people. I have to admit that his recognition/preference for me is super endearing. His affection grows each day. IMG_6257He figured out how to push himself up from an army crawl to a real crawl, though he sometimes uses one leg as a crutch, dragging it along so he can quickly transition to sitting then pulling himself to stand on anything he can get his hands on. His fingers are constantly busy, pulling, pushing, grabbing. In a room full of toys he’ll always go for the most hazardous items: cords, electrical outlets, doors, drawers. We’re constantly poised right behind him to catch his falls and take away all the dangers he so desperately wants to explore. Even his babysitter said that she’s never had anyone get stitches on her watch, but Baby Satski might be first. We’ve baby-proofed most of the house and a big “cage” takes up most of our living room now. The toy that maintains his attention the longest is his V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Walker. And he loves stuffed animals, he hugs and gives them big kisses. His current favorite books: Goodnight Gorilla, Peek-a-Who (he’s all smiles anticipating the mirror at the end), and Dear Zoo. He sits very still when we read him these books and makes it very clear when he doesn’t like other books. IMG_6269He cruises along every surface. Once he learned he could stand in his crib, he went through yet another sleep regression, unable to lie back down by himself. I’d watch him (through the monitor) slump over in half, fall asleep for a little while, then climb back up again. He also got very sick this past month. He would arch his back violently while crying- the nurse said babies do that when they’re in pain and trying to escape it. Poor thing. He was extremely clingy for days and wanted to be held non-stop, even through his naps. He refused to eat and his regularly snug clothes and diapers started getting loose on him. We had a long holiday weekend to recover, but I was so exhausted at the end of it, and sick myself. I’ve read that babies get sick 8-12 times in their first year and it’s how they build up their immunity. I have to say it’s one of the hardest parts of parenting.  IMG_6270He’s discovering his voice and has a range of sounds from high pitched squeals to low barking. Russell will howl at him like a wolf and he’ll respond with  deep growls. I love his babbles and can’t wait for the day I can talk with him, he seems to have so much to say! IMG_6246PicMonkey Collage

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