Baby Satski at Eight Months

IMG_6221Here was Baby Satski two weeks ago on his 8-month birthday. I’m a little behind from the holidays! We were on our way to see Santa that day, more pictures of Christmas and the end of the year to come. He’s growing up so fast that it’s hard to remember what he was like this past month. I’m glad to have this blog to help me keep track of all his  milestones and developments.

IMG_6178He went on his first pub crawl, celebrated Thanksgiving, and attended his first funeral for his great-grandpa whom he thankfully got to spend quality time with before he passed. He also sprouted his his first two teeth. They’re in the bottom middle. I thought there was only one until my mother-in-law pointed out that there were in fact two!  IMG_6182Maybe the teeth contributed to the sleep regressions? We had a few rough nights where baby kept waking up multiple times a night. Because he’s sleep trained, I know he CAN sleep through the night. So when he cries now I’m not sure what to do. If something’s really bothering him, I don’t want to let him cry it out. But if he just needs a gentle reminder that he can put himself back to sleep, I don’t want to intervene too quickly by picking him up. It’s a tough call and I haven’t been consistent. Just trying my best to listen to my mommy gut. Most nights though, he still sleeps like a champ.  The teeth have helped him explore more textured foods. I made him a chunky potato, squash and apple stew that he had trouble with at first but is happily eating now. We’ll start giving him finger foods soon. He’s still on milk throughout the day and water now too.   IMG_6202A few days shy from his 8-month mark, he finally started army crawling. He’s been practicing for months and seemed so close for weeks. If you didn’t catch it on my Instagram, here’s the clip where he shows off his crawl, while expressing just how much effort it’s taking. IMG_6199Rather than crawling, he’d much rather be walking already. He loves to pull up to stand and bounce. Or be carried and pretend like he’s walking himself. We’re trying to enjoy these last few months where he’s not so mobile. Once he’s walking he’s going to be running, I’m sure. IMG_6213Sometimes it’s overwhelming how tiring it is to be a parent. Russ and I talked about what we miss most about our pre-baby days and agree that it’s the loss of independence and free time. Now there’s always something that needs to be done, and we’re constantly thinking ahead of the next step. It’s a miracle when we can manage an all-family nap session, sleep in past 5:30 AM, or just sit and do nothing. I miss my old life. The way I feel now is similar to how I felt a few years out of college wishing I could go back to those care-free days. I eventually got past that feeling and now understand that life gets richer with growing pains. It’s just hard to always remember that in the moment. His smiles help us get through the days though.

IMG_6176 PicMonkey Collage


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