Baby Satski’s First Solids

We’ve been having a lot of fun feeding Baby Satski solid foods. We started when he was five months old with brown rice cereal, then slowly introduced him to one or two new foods every week. I’ve been making everything at home with recipes from Cooking For Baby: Wholesome, Homemade, Delicious.

Cooking for Baby

My friend (of Samosa Junkie) gave it to me when I was pregnant and not even thinking about solids yet, but I was so glad to have this book when the time came. It really clarified when, how, and what to feed baby. And Baby Satksi has really enjoyed all the recipes.

We filmed a few of his first encounters with new foods. His reactions and expressiveness crack me up. I love watching how much he’s grown up in just these few months. Feeding time has become our time to sit together at the dining table, eye-to-eye and talk. As you can see by the end of this video, Baby Satski has started really contributing to the family conversation.


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