Baby Satski at Seven Months

IMG_6115My baby is growing up too fast! Here he is at 7 months, wearing 12-18 month clothes. Lots of cardigans these days for the cooler weather.  IMG_6143You won’t find him on his back much often these days. He’d rather be sitting or standing. Tummy time has worked in improving the roundness of his head. He’s trying his hardest to crawl but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. It’s really frustrating for him not to be able to move independently, so he’ll often cry out in anger when he’s bored or stuck. He’ll be smiling one minute, then scream-crying the next. And back to laughing again once he gets what he wants. It’s quite scary.  He’s happiest around people, new surroundings and constant movement. IMG_6140He’s still sleeping 10+ hours a night and I think napping more than other babies his age (4 times a day).  He’s very attached to a blue crocheted blanket that his great Aunt Judy made for him; he can’t fall asleep without it. He drinks 30 ounces of milk, now half formula and half breast milk. And he eats solids twice a day. We’ve been diversifying his menu every week to include meat, green beans with mint, asparagus risotto, and more. No sign of any teeth yet. IMG_6136Russell gave him a hair cut to even out his crazy mohawk. His new ‘do makes him look more grown up. I kind of miss his baby fuzz. IMG_6153 IMG_6152 IMG_6151He loves to pull up to stand and look to his right and left afterwards to make sure everyone saw and is just as proud as he is. Zippers, strings, mommy’s necklaces fascinate him. He thinks it’s hilarious when we sneeze or say pew-pew. He bounces and squeals in his exersaucer. He never stays still. My mom says I was the same. If we’re this tired now keeping up with him, I’m very scared for what the next upcoming months are going to look like. It’s time to start baby-proofing the house. IMG_6123He’s changing every day, learning so much about his capabilities and the world around him. We are captivated by his curiosity and his laughs. And our arms are very sore.  PicMonkey Collage


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