Travelogue: Sonoma Valley 2015

To celebrate my 32nd birthday I spent a weekend in Sonoma Valley with my friends and family. IMG_5813The original plan was to go to Vegas with my girlfriends, but it’s funny how having a baby changes you. Instead we rented a house in Guerneville and went wine tasting around Healdsburg. A little more chill and family-friendly. PicMonkey Collage IMG_58041st stop: Gary Farrell. Their tastings are by appointment only. The menu welcomed us by name and there was even a cheese accompaniment. The nicest tasting I’ve ever been to. Shout-out to Angie for making the reservation and planning out our whole day!IMG_5805  IMG_5815 IMG_5806Baby Satski was a natural.  IMG_5653 IMG_5816 IMG_5807         IMG_5817 IMG_58082nd stop: Arista. They had some generous pours of Pinot. I was in the bathroom pumping (then dumping) for most of this tasting session. IMG_5645 IMG_5647 IMG_5821 IMG_5809 So many wineries! All the more reason to go back soon. IMG_56823rd stop: Unti Vineyards IMG_5681 IMG_58104th stop: Quivira. Baby Satski can’t believe how much his mom and aunties can drink.  IMG_5655That night we had dinner at Pat’s Diner, which becomes a Korean fusion spot called Dick Blomster’s in the evenings. IMG_5678Baby Satski traveled relatively well. He wasn’t able to sleep completely through the night, and we had him in bed with us the second night because it was so cold, but he woke up in a great mood! The 5 AM wake-ups were a little more brutal for me.  IMG_5823Janee is determined to make these two the best of friends.  They’re both a little skeptical. IMG_5654Our place was in the heart of downtown Guerneville with lots of great spots to eat nearby. Boon unfortunately was closed. But we went next door to Big Bottom Market for  delicious biscuit sandwiches. IMG_5660 IMG_5664Then we picked up a pie from Chile Pies in the Guerneville Bank Club and checked out the cool shop, Commerce Fine Goods.  IMG_5824 Screen shot 2015-11-12 at 8.21.18 PMSo glad I got to combine quality time with my girlfriends and my two guys.


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