Baby Satski at Six Months

IMG_6093Baby Satski is 6 months old! He now weighs 20 lbs, 11 oz (93rd percentile) and is 29 inches tall (100th percentile). He’s slowing down, but he’s still a big boy! IMG_6097Since sleep training last month, this guy is a pretty happy camper. He regularly goes down by 7 PM and sleeps 11 hours until 5 AM. He’s become so much more mellow (though he can still go from 0 to 100 real quick). He’s a different baby than the one a few months ago who was almost always fussing if he wasn’t sleeping. Russell and I are also appreciating the extra down-time. We even managed to finish a whole show series in a few evenings (highly recommend Narcos). The worst part of sleep training, however, is that I only get to see him for a very short time in the evenings before it’s time for him to go to bed. It feels like I’m constantly sprinting to and from work to catch a few precious minutes with him.  IMG_6098The biggest deal this past month? Eating solids. We decided to start a little earlier than the recommended 6 months because he was drinking milk so voraciously and was really interested in our food. He was also sitting up on his own so we knew he was ready. At first it was really messy and he didn’t really understand how to open his mouth for the spoon. He’s become a regular pro by now though. I’m making everything at home with organic produce. So far he’s tried rice cereal, squash, peas, asparagus, pears, and his favorite, sweet potatoes. I originally planned to breast-feed for only 6 months, but now that that milestone is already here, I’m going to try to keep going until he’s a year old. My supply is diminishing though, so hopefully the solids will help us get there!   IMG_6088Some other fun developments: he loves splish-splashing in the bath, he can pull himself up to standing, he’s learning how to fall, and he had his first pumpkin patch visit. His hair is growing longer and it’s so funny the way it sticks straight up and looks like a mohawk. We’ve had a lot of play dates this past month with visitors from LA, new babies being born, and a reunion with his pal from my Mommy Group. I also drove down to Fresno to visit with my parents and was terrified about driving alone with him, but he did just fine and slept the entire way there and back. IMG_6113He loves music, playing piano with grandma, the letter ‘P’ for peek-a-boo!, his friends at daycare (apparently he has a crush on a girl named Finley), he cracks up at his dinosaur finger puppet book, and he’s babbling and blowing lots of bubbles. We’re still working on tummy time, because we recently saw a physical therapist for his flat head shape, and she said he just needs to work on his neck and upper back muscles for his head to round out. He still hates it and would rather be standing, so it’s a constant negotiation. I kind of wish we had never used the rock-n-play! (PT said it’s what keeps her in business because the hard plastic back flattens lots of babes’ heads.)

We’re having so much fun watching this kid grow up. I can’t believe he’s been here for half a year already!PicMonkey Collage


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