Baby Satski at Five Months

IMG_5963These months are flying by! It’s incredible how much he’s growing and experiencing every day. I’m trying my best to capture  and appreciate every moment but it never feels like enough.

He started daycare this month. He goes three days a week and his grandma watches him the other two days. It was a pretty easy adjustment for him and he seems to like the change in scenery and stimulation. His babysitter sends us funny pictures of him and updates like, “he played really hard with his friends then took a nap.” I wish I could see him interacting with all the other kids, and that he could talk and tell me about his day. The daycare has weekly themes, mostly for the toddlers, but we love getting involved and dressing him up for the color of the week and sending him off with themed books and toys to share. At his grandma’s house, he’s mesmerized by the piano she plays for him, takes leisurely walks around the neighborhood, and plays with his dad’s old toys. I miss him like crazy while I’m at work but know he’s in good hands. I cherish the few hours in the morning and evening that I get to spend with him. And weekends are sacred family time.

IMG_5971Baby Satski is confidently sitting up on his own! He started testing it out last month and was super wobbly but now he’s worked out how to balance. What a different view of the world from this position! IMG_5973He got sick for the first time ever this month which was so sad. He woke up screaming out in pain every hour and we were all exhausted. At the doctor’s office the next morning he didn’t have a fever but had a red throat (possibly from the screaming?). They said it was most likely his stomach that was bothering him. The very next day Russell got hit with probably the same stomach bug and was out of commission for two days. Then I got sick and was up the entire night throwing up. Not a fun way to spend the holiday weekend. IMG_5974Aside from his sick spell, he’s become a much more easy-going baby. He hasn’t been as fussy and is so aware of his surroundings. His eyebrows are always arched, deep in thought. He’s so fun to interact with. He’s very communicative of when he’s tired or hungry so most of the time it’s easy to meet his needs.  IMG_5972Most importantly, this month will go down in our parenting history as the month that Baby Satski FINALLY started to sleep through the night. HALLELUJAH!  For a while there, it was really bad. I was waking up every two hours and slowly losing my mind. Once he recovered from his sickness, we sleep trained. I’m going to write a separate post about that because it was so monumental, but basically the story has a happy ending with Baby Satski now sleeping 10-12 hours/night with the occasional wake-up where he puts himself back to sleep. Russell and I are still always really tired, but we’re starting to feel like human beings again. And baby seems much happier too now that he’s getting more sleep every night and is on a more regular schedule. IMG_5982This past month Baby Satski also went to his first baseball game, went swimming for the first time, had his first interactions with dogs, started sitting in a high chair, and outgrew almost all his baby shoes and countless outfits. PicMonkey Collage


8 thoughts on “Baby Satski at Five Months

  1. Erynn, please write a post on the sleep training! I am desperate as Cara still wakes up one or two times a night… Help! 😉

    He’s just gorgeous btw… Love seeing your updates.


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