Baby Satski’s 백일 (100th-Day) Celebration

In Korean culture we celebrate when a baby turns 100-days old. Back in the day, some babies didn’t survive this difficult period, so 100 days was marked as a rite of passage. Here’s a look at how we celebrated our baby’s good health! IMG_5874We drove down to my parents’ house in Fresno and my siblings traveled to meet us there too. My mom got us matching shirts from Etsy.  IMG_5877 IMG_5883Proud grandparents.  IMG_5871 IMG_5889 IMG_5904Red bean rice cakes symbolize protection, good fortune, and happiness.  Traditionally you’re supposed to share the rice cakes with 100 people. I’m taking the modern twist of sharing this image of our mochi with all you dear internet people. 🙂IMG_5907 IMG_5896Uncle Eugene.IMG_5912Uncle Peter and Aunt Eurie.  IMG_5867My dad showing off his babes to my babe.  IMG_5917Dinner party at KuniSama, a teppanyaki restaurant in Fresno. IMG_5921 IMG_5928 IMG_5926 IMG_5927When the server brought out the cake he looked around the table for an old person who might be 100 years old. He was pretty confused when we pointed him towards the baby.  IMG_5873We’re so grateful to our family, friends, and blog readers who have supported us through this exciting and difficult time in our lives. Thanks for helping us celebrate our beautiful boy!


4 thoughts on “Baby Satski’s 백일 (100th-Day) Celebration

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