Baby Satski at Three Months

IMG_5849 IMG_5860 IMG_5864Our baby boy is 3 months old! He now weighs 19.2 pounds (my friend’s 1-year old weighs 18 pounds for context) and is 26 inches long.  As a new parent and a control freak, I always want to know how and when things are going to happen. Pregnancy, giving birth, and now raising this baby have all been challenging for me because I have no control over so many things. But this month has been a huge lesson that Baby Satski will develop in his own way and time. I just need to be there to encourage and enjoy all his wonderful milestones.

Playing: Things suddenly clicked this month and he really figured out how to play. We’d been putting him under a playmat for weeks to no reaction, but now he’s kicking at the keyboard, looking at himself in the mirror, and batting at all the toys. He also now likes to hang out under his mobile, which we finally got around to installing on his crib. I hate its bright colors that don’t match with anything in his nursery, but it’s worth it because it buys us 10-15 minutes in the morning to get ready while he coos and watches the mobile with such fascination. Overall he’s so much more alert. His eyes are open wide throughout the day as he takes in his surroundings.IMG_4659 IMG_4685

Grabbing: He’s had a firm grip since birth but now he’s able to grab and hold onto things, mostly my hair, but also his pacifier friend Bob and other toys.IMG_4740

Standing: He loves to stand firmly on his feet and bear his own weight. He’s so strong and his neck control is seriously impressive. I swear he’s going to be walking in no time. IMG_4879

Sleeping: I’ll probably be obsessed with this topic for the next year or however long it takes until I’m sleeping regularly again. I’m constantly reading articles about getting your baby to sleep through the night and how to sleep train. But really Baby Satski is calling all the shots so far and getting better all on his own. He now goes down around 7, wakes up around 1 to feed (that’s right, a 6-hour stretch, woohoo!), sometimes around 3:30 (which is when Russell goes in to soothe), and then we’re up for the day between 4:30-6. He’s right on track for his age. And though he’s not one of those miracle babies who just sleeps through the whole night, he’s so much better than just a few weeks ago when he was waking up to feed 3 times a night. I’m still conflicted about whether or not we’ll eventually do a “cry it out” sleep training.

Making Friends: I joined a mommy group through the hospital and got connected with 12 other moms with babies around the same age as Baby Satski. One of the women there then introduced me to another mommy group for our town. Suddenly I was busy several days a week with mommy engagements and play dates. What a unique time in my life. And what a blessing to have support groups to help me navigate my way. Hopefully Baby Satski continues to be able to meet regularly with these other babies too and develop friendships over the years. IMG_4713IMG_4699

Tummy Timing: We have lift off! After weeks of what seemed like torture for Baby Satski, he finally figured out how to lift his head for tummy time. Putting a mirror under his face helped a lot, as did holding up his arms for him so he could feel what it was that he was supposed to be doing.  One day during baby massage, he started holding his head up on his own and he’s been great at it ever since, though still in limited doses.  IMG_4836IMG_4854

Smiling and Laughing: He started smiling at 2 months and now he’s a regular ‘ol charmer with his smiles. At 12 weeks he gave his first real laughs. The laughs are harder to come by, but oh man are they sweet.


Dressing Up: We’ve hardly had to buy any clothes because Baby Satski has so many admirers who have gifted him with adorable outfits. This month he started being able to fit into more than just newborn onesies and he’s been showing off his flair. Dressing him up is so much fun.IMG_4864 IMG_4866IMG_4907IMG_4913

Back to Work: After a 14-week maternity leave, I’m now back at work. Before I had the baby, I was positive that I’d continue my career without letting having kids affect me. But it was so much harder than I thought it would be to leave him. Luckily Russ is still at home on summer vacation, so the transition has been a little easier. Come end of August, Baby Satski will start daycare. It’s going to be an endless battle to keep a balance between work and home life. I just have to remind myself to breathe through it all.IMG_2894

Feeding: While I’m pumping at work 3 times a day, Baby Satski is bottle feeding for most of his meals.  With the help of a blanket to prop up the bottle, he’s already holding on and feeding himself! And he’s taking down 5 ounces almost every time like a champ. 

Some More Favorite Moments From This MonthPicMonkey Collage



PicMonkey Collage



11 thoughts on “Baby Satski at Three Months

  1. I love these updates!!! He is definitely a charmer – look out! Motherhood surprised me from the get-go, too – it surprised me that I took a part time teaching position instead of going back full-time. And then it surprised me again when that part-time gig kept going a decade. Seriously – I am just going back full time this fall after ten years and two kids — we’re doing this together! xo

    • Thanks Kelli! I’m so glad Russell has a more flexible teacher’s schedule but I’m jealous I don’t get that kind of time too. Good luck on full time this year! I love how you’ve been going to Europe over the summers- is that through school too?

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 8:13 AM, Books Outside the Box wrote:


      • It is a student tour that another teacher and I do through a student tour company. We drum up business at school, but it’s not directly affiliated for liability reasons. Best of all worlds!

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