Travelogue: Sea Ranch July 2015

IMG_4828For the 4th of July holiday weekend we finally got to introduce Baby Satski to Sea Ranch. Russell’s family has owned property in Sea Ranch since the 70s. Russell’s dad proposed to his mom there. I’ve been going since Russell and I first started dating our freshman year of college. It’s also where we got married. We’re so excited to see Baby Satski experience this special place as our family continues to evolve. IMG_4807 IMG_4793Our friends Jessica and Evan joined us for one night. We came upon all these seal pups and their moms on the beach. They were startled for a moment when they saw us then settled back down to continue their naps on the sand.  IMG_4794IMG_4796IMG_4801 IMG_4802 IMG_4805 IMG_4804 IMG_4808 IMG_4812Never a dull moment with this guy. He was pretty well behaved for the most part and slept the entire drive there and back. But his relentless feed, play, nap schedule makes it impossible for us to relax or even watch a movie in a single seating. Good thing we’ve logged some serious down-time hours in Sea Ranch in the past, because it’s a whole new ball game now. IMG_4829IMG_4831


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