Baby Satski’s Library

IMG_4226Here’s how we decided to build out Baby Satski’s library in his room. I got the inspiration from Pepper Design Blog and bought the acrylic shelves from Clear Solutions Displays. They’re actually greeting card shelves for retail shops. Here’s how they look empty: IMG_4222And filled with books! IMG_4334 IMG_4335 IMG_4336 IMG_4337 IMG_4339 I like how all the books are forward-facing so they’re easier to see and pick from. Children’s books are tough to shelve spine-out because they’re all different sizes and the spines are so thin. These shelves don’t hold as many books as traditional bookcases, but I foresee us swapping out the books according to Baby Satski’s preference. We’re keeping the rest of our kids books mixed in with all our other books downstairs. img_51251


2 thoughts on “Baby Satski’s Library

  1. Wonderful! I love how the shelves showcase the cover art. You have certainly built a rich library for your little guy (I’m not surprised!).

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