Harlem World by Jon Ouye

I knew before going into the hospital to deliver Baby Satski that I wanted our friend Jon Ouye to come take some pictures of our new family together on our first day. We asked him a few months before the big day, and true to his word, he came to visit us in the hospital, practically straight from Coachella. He manages to capture the magic of moments with his camera, and these photos did not disappoint. It’s already hard to believe that Baby Satski was this tiny…JAO_4552 JAO_4379 JAO_4333 JAO_4341 JAO_4565 JAO_4365 JAO_4583 JAO_4384 JAO_4370 JAO_4536 JAO_4401 JAO_4427 JAO_4436 JAO_4449 JAO_4461 JAO_4495 JAO_4602 JAO_4514 JAO_4523 JAO_4534Here’s Jon in front of the camera. And he even brought us sushi – my first in over 9 months! JAO_4473And a fun timelapse video of Russell practicing the swaddle!


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