The Story Behind the Blanket

I posted a monthly status of Baby Satski last week and in it he’s lying on a blanket. IMG_4320_2Screen shot 2015-05-24 at 5.18.13 PM Screen shot 2015-05-24 at 5.18.23 PM

I love the Pendleton story behind the blanket so I wanted to share it here:

“Ah-Day” means “special” in Kiowa, and this beautiful, intricate blanket is surely an unsurpassed gift for a special child. It is produced exclusively for the American Indian College Fund by Pendleton Woolen Mills, and designed by artist Virginia Stroud, an acclaimed contemporary Native American artist. This blanket was inspired by a Plains Indian tradition according to which new parents place their child’s remaining navel cord inside an amulet shaped like a turtle. The amulets represent the turtle’s hard shell that will guard the spirit of the child and ensure a long, protected life.

We didn’t save Baby Satski’s umbilical cord, but we like the idea that his spirit is guarded by this blanket. We hope he grows with it and finds comfort in it. Special thanks to our friend Jessica who bought it for us while we were on our trip to Portland!



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