Our Baby Shower

Russell’s mom, cousins, and aunt threw us a co-ed baby shower last weekend. Our family and friends from all over came out for the big event and spoiled us rotten. IMG_5546The party was in downtown Oakland in the historic Rotunda BuildingIMG_5548 IMG_5552 IMG_5767 IMG_5554IMG_5561 IMG_5576 IMG_5568 IMG_5573 IMG_5575 IMG_5577 IMG_5564 IMG_5583 IMG_5607 IMG_5614 IMG_5604 IMG_5584 IMG_5605IMG_5630 IMG_5634 IMG_5643This kid has no choice but to be a Giants fan. IMG_5659_2I have a feeling that Satski is going to be no stranger to the Jordans. IMG_5680 IMG_5704 IMG_5706 IMG_5562We had a few games and activities: a draft guessing baby’s due date and stats, a book to write a message to Baby Satski, a call for best nicknames, and a guessing game of my belly size. IMG_5558 IMG_5722 IMG_5745 IMG_5764My mom made these cute favor boxes with earrings for the ladies and chocolates for the gentlemen. See her Etsy shop here: Blue J BoutiqueIMG_5754 IMG_5551Everything came together so beautifully. My mother-in-law did all the tireless planning and event coordinating, our cousin Brooke and her mom made the beautiful dessert table, and our cousin Karen found her new calling as a bonafide flower designer. And many thanks to my sister for capturing all the special moments. The best part of the shower was feeling the love and serious support network that we have around us. We are not alone in raising Baby Satski. Hurry up baby, we’re all so excited to finally meet you.


6 thoughts on “Our Baby Shower

    • Haha, thanks Janet! Several people have told me it’s obvious I’m carrying a boy because I’m so pointy. Not sure what the science behind that is, but it’s true that my sideways profile is quite shocking.

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