Best Stroller?

Picking out a stroller was probably one of the earliest, most stressful things we had to do as expecting parents. There are a ridiculous number of options out there.

Screen shot 2015-02-22 at 9.26.46 AMAnd they’re not cheap. We did a ton of research, and I tackled the challenge like I do with a lot of things in my life, with an excel spread sheet.

Name Type Price Weight Pros Cons
Snap n Go $96 5 lbs Compact and really portable. Turns baby seat into a stroller. Temporary. Only for infant use.
Uppa Baby G-Luxe Umbrella $219-$229 11 lbs Self-standing when folded, larger canopy, lightweight, larger wheels for smooth ride Can’t use from birth, only for older babies
Maclaren Quest Umbrella $269 13 lbs Sturdier than others, full recline so can use starting at birth Not self-standing when folded
Baby Jogger Vue Umbrella $199 17 lbs Reversible seat so baby can face you when younger then out when older, car seat compatible
Bumbleride Indie Jogger $499 20 lbs Rear suspension for bumps, swivel front tire for tight radius turning, universal car seat adaptable Large folded size, hard to recline seat, low seat height, sub par cup holder placement
Britax Be Agile Jogger $250 16 lbs Functional, nice looking, well-priced stroller that moves hassle-free through most spaces and folds open and closes down in a snap. Recommended by friend Fixed handlebar, fully upright seat is low & uncomfortable, awkward basket, average maneuverability. Not a true jogger.
BOB Revolution SE Review Jogger $449 25 lbs #1 ranking on Baby Gear Lab. High quality, excellent maneuverability & smooth ride, large canopy Bulky, hard to recline, fixed handlebar, tall children may outgrow seat height early
Uppa Baby Vista Jogger $750 25 lbs New “it” product. Reversible seat, expandability, bassinet, large storage & SPF 50+ sunshade, folded stand Heavy, no parent or child tray, low backwards tip over weight
Baby Jogger Citi Mini Jogger $350 Quality, easy-to-use, one-handed, small fold, handbrake, non-flat wheels Easily tips backward in full recline, front wheel swivel lock stiff, difficult storage
Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger Low rating. Bulky, awkward and large when folded and are relatively heavy.
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger $160 24 lbs Best value for great functional stroller Heavy and a bit bulky when folded however, so it is best used from right outside your front door instead of in and out of a car or on public transportation.
Bugaboo Cameleon All-in-one $1,089 21 lbs For infant to toddler, all-terrain, reversible seat. Comes with bassinet, stroller seat, and adaptable for car seats You have to disassemble the seat from the stroller frame to fold it and put it in the car. Instead of just one fold for the entire thing. Not recommended by friend.

This list doesn’t even cover half of what’s available on the market, just what I narrowed in on as our top options. Lots of sources say parents will most likely need more than one stroller. A Snap N Go to start, a jogger for heavy-duty  use, and then an umbrella for quick and casual rides. Getting 3 strollers all at once sounded overwhelming so we opted to get a jogger to start.

If we were in New York, we would’ve gotten a lighter, more compact stroller like the City Mini. But we both have cars and I wanted something with sturdy tires so I could really go jogging and on trails with the baby. So we got the BOB Revolution Flex.revolution-flex-1215We got it over Thanksgiving with a Black Friday deal, so it’s been sitting in a closet for months now. We’ve practiced folding, unfolding, braking, removing the front tire, adjusting the handle bars, etc. It’s on the heavier side, but it does maneuver really nicely and the tires have some serious traction on them. We’re also getting the BOB B-Safe Car Seat that can attach to the stroller with the adaptor. Depending on how things go once baby is here, we may  end up having to get a Snap N Go and Umbrella, but for now at least we have one mode of transportation ready to go.

Lots of baby adventures to come. And I’m sure many more impossible decisions too.


5 thoughts on “Best Stroller?

  1. Totally agree. Stroller shopping is stressful. We got the Bob Revolution as well. And I love it. But the stroller I use the most when running errands is the Snap and Go. It’s light, compact and easy to open with one hand. Totally worth the $100. Btw, you look amazing.

  2. I have 2 kids close in age group – both very tall then one who was extremely “hefty” and a very late walker (19 months). Getting a durable CITY MINI buggy is more important than anything else if you feel your genes will result inside tall and/or sumo wrestler pounds children. I had five strollers for my kids…. and unfortunately, I didn’t like any advisors because once I put both of my kids included, they were too heavy to push. Also, if you’re tall like I am or if you have a tall partner/parent/spouse, make sure the handles are high enough and that means you don’t have to slouch to push the stroller.

  3. Completely agree with you that it’s so difficult to choose the right stroller for the kids. Because it’s has many branches and products for many different purposes: for travel, for jogging,… So that I had write a article about how to choose the best double umbrella stroller for twins. Very happy if you let me link to this article from your blog:

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