Travelogue: Portland Shops

In between all the meals in Portland, we did a lot of shopping. Mostly we admired beautiful things we couldn’t afford, but shelled out a few bucks here and there for some goods. Not having to pay tax on anything made the decision on purchases a lot easier too. Why are the shops so beautifully curated in Portland?? I’d go broke in this town. IMG_3216 IMG_3215 {Hippo Hardware}IMG_3212 IMG_3213 IMG_3214 IMG_3211 {Machus. So many variations of gray and black, aka Russell’s dream closet.}IMG_3209 {Random vintage shop}IMG_3210 {Animal Traffic. I bought a vintage wrap sweater. The sales clerk gave me a deal, saying I neeeded to have it. So sweet!}IMG_3056{Annex Footwear} IMG_3202{North of West} IMG_3201{Powell’s! I could’ve spent the whole day here. Instead we focused on the children’s section and bought two books for Baby Satski: This is Not My Hat (so good) and The Dark (so deep). I can’t wait to read out loud to him.} IMG_3200 IMG_3197  IMG_3196{Self Edge. Russ picked up on of those caps.}  IMG_3188{Canoe} IMG_3190{Tanner Goods. Jess bought a new belt that will most likely last her a lifetime.} IMG_3189 Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset{School House Electric. I wanted to move right in. Instead we had to settle with bringing this brass lamp home.} IMG_3181 IMG_3178 IMG_3233{My friend from high school recently moved to Portland and came out to meet us for a quick coffee at the Ristretto Roasters inside School House Electric! Oh and that’s the vintage sweater I bought and new wool beanie from the trip too.}



3 thoughts on “Travelogue: Portland Shops

  1. Aaack! Love that sweater! And I’ve been meaning to make a pilgrimage to School House Electric. I’d never heard of Hippo Hardware – were the prices way better than School House? I’m so glad you all had a blast! And The Dark? Awesome choice!

  2. Thanks!! Hippo Hardware was a whole different animal than School House Electric. A total hodge podge of used items that can be awesome in your home if you’ve got a good eye. School House Electric is a beautiful curated space with MUCH higher prices. Both were so worth the visits. Hope you make it to them soon!

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