New Year’s Day in Big Sur

For the first day of 2015, Russell and I drove down to Big Sur. We woke up early, braced ourselves against the chilly wind and second-guessed our decision to go hiking. But the weather cleared into a picture perfect day. Not a hint of fog in this typically gray area.

We fueled up first at Big Sur Bakery.  IMG_2969Then drove the few miles down to the McWay Waterfall Trail. This blue was unreal. IMG_5438 IMG_5443 IMG_5444 IMG_5449 IMG_2974From there we walked across the highway onto the Ewolsden Trail. I love hikes like this with varied terrain, stuff to climb on, big redwood trees, and epic ocean views. Unfortunately, I think this mountain is what did my back in a few days later. A moderate to strenuous 4.5 mile hike might not be advisable when 6 months pregnant. I felt really good at the time though and several fellow hikers cheered on my belly throughout the day. IMG_5500 IMG_5452 IMG_5455 IMG_5461 IMG_5469 IMG_5475 IMG_5481  IMG_5491 IMG_5497 IMG_5499 IMG_5506 IMG_5503A splendid day to ring in the new year!



4 thoughts on “New Year’s Day in Big Sur

  1. Awesome pictures, this is one of my favorite stretches of land anywhere. Something we learned when visiting, Stevenson was living near there around the time he wrote Treasure Island, and the coves match some of his descriptions of Skeleton Island perfectly.

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