Celebrating the End of 2014

Happy New Year! Hope you had a restful and enjoyable holiday with your loved ones. I feel like so much has happened since the last time I blogged. Here are some quick scenes from my holiday break between Christmas and now. More to come in the following days!

Wrapped gifts in our home IMG_5248 IMG_5247Celebrating Christmas Eve at Grandma’s Home in BerkeleyIMG_2939 IMG_2940 IMG_2941IMG_2944 IMG_2949IMG_2950On Christmas Day we opened gifts at Russell’s parents’ home then drove up to Sea Ranch. I loved these books that my brother-in-law got for Baby Satski: My First Book of Korean Words and My First Book of Japanese Words. I’ll be writing a longer post on Sea Ranch next week. IMG_2954 IMG_5362We had a few days of down time at home and I wanted to try something new. So we made reservations at Greens, a vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco with stunning views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. They cook with local and seasonal produce from the nearby Green Gulch Farm. Such a delicious and colorful meal! IMG_5433 IMG_5430 IMG_5432On New Year’s Day we drove down to Big Sur for a hike and stayed with friends in Pacific Grove. I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year than with friends in a beautiful setting like the Central Coast. I’ll be writing a separate post on this trip too. IMG_5444I’m so thankful that my office closes between Christmas and New Year’s so that everyone is given time to refresh and prepare for the upcoming year. It’s about to get really busy, so I’m so glad I got to enjoy these last few weeks.  Looking forward to all the big things that 2015 has in store for us!






4 thoughts on “Celebrating the End of 2014

  1. What a lovely way to spend the vacation! And those Pendleton boxes must’ve had some very fun goodies in them…Happy New Year, Erynn! It’s a big year for you guys!

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