What Russell Wore, What Erynn Read

IMG_5204 IMG_5212 IMG_5218 IMG_5222

What Russell Wore:

  • ASOS sweater, altered
  • Extended shirt
  • G-Star pants, altered into joggers
  • New Balance 997 GY sneakers

This should really be called What Russell bought, altered, and wore. Basically can’t get this stuff retail anywhere. The sewing machine is always running in our house.

What Erynn Read:

Two memoirs by two strong and admirable women. I Remember Nothing by Norah Ephron and Letter to My Daughter by Maya Angelou. Maybe it’s the pregnancy, but I’m in an introspective mood and in search of good food for the soul right now.



6 thoughts on “What Russell Wore, What Erynn Read

    • There’s no home-ec anymore?! That’s actually where Russell learned to sew! He teaches English at an alternative high school. They have a culinary program, so I’m thinking he should start a sewing/fashion class too.

      • When I expressed to our old principal a few years back that I’d be interested in becoming a home-ec teacher, he said I would need to move to the country, because they don’t do that anymore {!!}. I think Russell should totally start a sewing class!

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