Happy Friendsgiving 2014

I’m so thankful for all these wonderful friends in my life! The latest gathering for Sunday Suppers was Thanksgiving-themed. Did you know that you can drop off a turkey at KFC and they’ll season and deep-fry it for you for less than $15?? True story. We ate, watched football, laughed, caught up, and listened to some mighty fine piano tunes.

IMG_5229 IMG_5230 IMG_5231 IMG_2674 IMG_2671 IMG_2681 IMG_5234 IMG_5233

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


5 thoughts on “Happy Friendsgiving 2014

  1. I need to have a Friendsgiving!!! And it’s so weird to see windows open at this time of year – it’s literally freeeezing in the PNW! Thanksgiving while pregnant is still one of the best times ever from my life – hope you enjoyed it!

    • Thanks Kelli! I just had my 20-week weigh in at the doctor’s office. The Monday after Thanksgiving just might be the worst time in for an official weight check. But it was fantastic spending it with family and eating too much, mostly guilt-free.

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