Satski’s Gender Reveal

At my 13-week ultrasound the technician said she could give me her 80% professional opinion of the gender of our baby.

Russell wasn’t with me at the time so I had her write it down on the “money-shot” picture and seal it in an envelope.

I took the envelope to our favorite local ice cream shop, The San Francisco Creamery, and asked the server there to give me blue ice cream if the paper said boy or pink ice cream if it said girl. I then stepped outside while he scooped and put the carton in a white bag.

Later that night, after dinner with Russell’s parents, we opened the ice cream carton for dessert.






IMG_2362 IMG_2359 It’s a boy!

(Or at least we’re 80% sure)

(And that’s unfortunately, the only blue ice cream the creamery had: bubble gum gummi bear…I still have lots of it left-over in the fridge)


8 thoughts on “Satski’s Gender Reveal

  1. What a fun reveal! Congrats! Thanks for sharing, Erynn. Neither me or my close friends are going to have kids, so it’s kind of fun and interesting to see the process of someone going through it.

    • Thanks Angie! I’m the first out of most of my Bay Area friends to have a baby, so lots of new things for all of us together! Fun to have you along. Definitely trying to keep my life balanced between baby and non-baby things though!

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