Halloween 2014 at Chronicle Books

Chronicle goes all out for Halloween, which I learned at my first party last year. This year, each floor was tasked with coming up with a theme based on any one of our books.

The 1st floor (my floor of mostly sales, marketing, operations, and finance people) decided to go green to represent our marijuana books:

9781452128887_350 9781452134055

1 IMG_2528 {Cooking herbs, not real drugs!} IMG_2530 IMG_2531 IMG_2532 IMG_2564 IMG_2538   IMG_2541   IMG_2545 IMG_2547 IMG_2550 IMG_8921IMG_8925IMG_8910IMG_8941The 3rd floor (the designers and production crew) always blow everyone else out of the water with their decorations and costumes. Their party theme was based on on our 20th Anniversary edition of The Egyptian Book of the Dead, on sale 1/20/15. They created an experiential maze/haunted house that ended with a party in the after-life.

9781452144382IMG_8953IMG_2551   IMG_9043IMG_2558 IMG_9046IMG_2563IMG_9050IMG_2552IMG_2553The 2nd floor (editors) had a winter wonderland/underwear theme based on our upcoming book  Polar Bear’s Underwear. Unfortunately, I had to leave early and most of the photos of coworkers in undies (even if they were over their clothes) didn’t seem appropriate to share, so I don’t have too many photos of this end of the party!


Good, mostly clean fun! Thanks Chronicle Books!



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