Baby Date in Orange County

When our friend’s baby was born back in July, my girlfriends and I planned this trip down to Southern California to visit. (Russell and I went earlier this summer on a separate trip, when he found out I was doing this girls trip and was indignant that he wasn’t invited.) Months after waiting, our reunion weekend finally arrived.

IMG_2476 IMG_2478 IMG_2482 IMG_2481 IMG_2485Our baby date began at the Anaheim Packing  House. Very cool space with lots of delicious food. Anaheim, you impressed me. We found a comfortable seat outside with large pillow cushions, and hours of baby-loving ensued. IMG_2496 10689787_10102916913249321_7363024690092793756_n 10676122_10102916914087641_806032159614078221_n 10004007_10102916914387041_4699964126344375440_n 10678703_10102916914227361_8056979279104180684_nFor dinner we went out for Korean food in Fullerton. Comfort food at its  best. Joelle slept like an angel the entire time (babies, I learned, nap a lot). Afterwards we went over to Helen’s house and chatted until well past my bed-time. We have the best time sitting around and doing nothing. I might have fallen asleep for a bit with a pup snuggled by my belly.   IMG_2488 IMG_2487IMG_2494 We stayed in Newport Beach that night. My sister came to meet us for brunch the next morning. She gifted me the cutest little onesie- Satski’s first outfit (she’s going to be the best aunt). Also pictured below with his first article of clothing, Giants socks from his Grandma Sato! IMG_2493Onesie

The weekend was much too short, but I’m so happy to have spent some quality time with people that I love.



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