Reflections On My 31st Birthday

Last year I wrote about how relieved I was to finally be entering my 30s after a tumultuous time in my 20s. I certainly don’t have everything figured out, but wow, what an amazing year it’s been and I really have done a lot of growing up. Here’s a look back on this past year:

I celebrated last year’s birthday in Cabo, Yosemite, and at home. Birthday

Went on some epic hikes.

Hike Collage

Partied in Vegas 3 times.

Vegas Collage

Traveled a lot for work to places like Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago, Grand Rapids.

BizTrip Collage

Went through some tough times.


Celebrated love at weddings up and down the California coast.


Read good books.


Went back to New York with Russell.


Went to Europe with my girlfriends.

Europe Collage

Bought a home.


What I’ve learned through all these experiences this year is how important it is to constantly be alive to the world, to appreciate the small and big things, love those around you, and to work hard to get what you want. This next year is going to be a big one. I certainly won’t be traveling as much but there are great adventures to come at home. I’m excited. Thanks for coming along on my journey.



8 thoughts on “Reflections On My 31st Birthday

  1. teared up reading this. mommy hormones are still getting to me. haha! what a fab and tough year it’s been for you. cheers to your 31st.. it’s gonna be amazing!!! happy birthday my love!

  2. Omg me too! Yes to everything Helen said! It’s gonna be a crazy year baby! it’ll be new and overwhelming but oh so rewarding. Happy bday again! Xoxoxo Love you!

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