A Taste of Sea Ranch in San Francisco


One of my favorite bakeries in the world, Two Fish Baking Company in Sea Ranch, opened a 2nd location just blocks away from my office in San Francisco. They still bake all the goods in Sea Ranch and somebody drives them down the windy 109 miles every single day. Amazing.

It’s so weird to see it in such a modern building in San Francisco.

IMG_2225  Here’s what the one in Sea Ranch looks like: aafc3b9cc3af8be0a580d76e88d2a7ba

On the inside of the new location, it’s the same good stuff.

IMG_2228  Janee and I cleaned them out of their famous sticky buns. They said they’re selling out of their lunch items every day and there’s usually a long line down the alley whenever I walk by. We got there at 11 AM that day, getting a head start to the crowds. IMG_2227  IMG_2230 IMG_2229 We walked over to South Park and had a nice picnic on a Friday afternoon. Two Fish used to be my vacation splurge. It’s dangerous being so close to these delicious carbs everyday.




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