Tables Made by Russell

Thanks for all your love on my last post about our new home! The space wouldn’t be what it is without all of Russell’s handiwork- he spent most of his summer building. He’d made one table before, a coffee table in college. And he has no sort of formal training. How this guy managed to pull off all 3 of these very well-made, professional looking tables, I have no idea. Really, he did everything while I was at work and away in Europe with my girlfriends.

Table 1: the coffee table

IMG_5129  IMG_5131 IMG_5132

This baby weighs about 300 pounds. Russell hand-mixed and poured concrete into a frame, flipped it over (by himself!) and sanded down the whole thing. The legs are made from plumbing pipes from Home Depot.

Table #2: the kitchen table

IMG_5144IMG_5141 IMG_5142 IMG_5143   IMG_5147We bought an old door from a huge reclaimed materials store called Urban Ore in Berkeley. Then Russell cut it down to size to fit perfectly in our kitchen nook. We left the original paint for a rustic feel and covered it with a custom-piece of glass. The chairs are from Target and Russell hand-sewed and stuffed the linen cushions. We bought the hairpin legs online. The atrium windows here are probably my favorite part of our house. We get so much natural light and the redwood trees outside make the perfect backdrop for all our meals.

Table #3: the dining table

IMG_2105IMG_5119 IMG_5120 IMG_5139

Russell’s crown jewel. This dining table and bench took over a month to make. The wood was sourced from The Hardwood Resource in Benicia where the owner was super helpful. We ordered the legs from Turkey on Etsy of all places. Then Russell went to work gluing, planing, sanding, and staining over the next few weeks. He did most of the work in our garage, awkwardly working off the floor with limited tools. He finished off the legs with a knotted nylon paracord to protect the hardwood floors. We bought the chairs from and Russell spray painted the legs with a hammered metal paint.

If he wasn’t such a good teacher, I’d seriously push him to go into the furniture-making business. So talented, this guy.




7 thoughts on “Tables Made by Russell

  1. So talented, that’s an understatement! This guy also whips up a mean meal, sews halloween costumes for his neighbor’s kids, and is also the most badass guy at the gym.

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