Giants Tailgate 2014

Russell’s uncle hosts a yearly Giants baseball tailgate party. It’s always a good time with way too much food and fabulous company. It’s even better when the Giants win, which they did! Here are some scenes from the ball park that day.

photo 4 photo 310608753_10102896782975523_8200846014256101507_o {My brother-in-law captured this great panaromic shot of all the food}

IMG_2076 IMG_2080 IMG_2083 IMG_2086 IMG_2088  {Russell started buying me a new pin every time we go to a game. Here’s my collection so far.}IMG_2090 IMG_2091 IMG_2094 IMG_2096IMG_2095




3 thoughts on “Giants Tailgate 2014

  1. So much good food! Great weather! Great seats! I love the tradition Russell has started of buying you a pin every game. Go Giants!

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