Summer So Cal Trip

Here are some pics from our recent trip to Southern California. We spent time with my sister and her boyfriend in West Covina, I got my hair done in Beverly Hills, we visited our friends we met in New York who now live in the Arts District of Los Angeles, and my friends Helen and Richie in Fullerton who recently had the sweetest baby. We also spent some time in Newport Beach at Crystal Cove. And we stayed in Santa Ana. (In other words, we spent a lot of time on the freeway.) I grew up in Southern California so I’ll always have a sweet spot for it in my heart. Russell says he could never live in LA, but I’m glad we at least get to visit frequently.

IMG_1978  {Breakfast at Urth Cafe}

IMG_1982  {Stella’s dog, Bruno, on a walk around the Arts District} IMG_1980 IMG_1983  IMG_1989 IMG_1995  {Amazed that one of my best friends is now a mom}IMG_1996 IMG_1998  {These two were pretty smitten with each other}IMG_2001 IMG_2053 IMG_2013 {The line at Afters, a late-night ice cream truck} IMG_2017 {Not your typical ice cream truck. Hip hop beats playing. Long line of young people. And ice cream served between glazed donuts.}

IMG_2018 IMG_2020 IMG_2048 {Crystal Cove in Newport Beach}

IMG_2022 IMG_2023 IMG_2024   IMG_2027 IMG_2028 IMG_2029 IMG_2030  {So Cal sure is photogenic}

IMG_2031 IMG_2026IMG_2038  IMG_2040 IMG_2041 IMG_2043

Not a shabby way to spend the weekend.




7 thoughts on “Summer So Cal Trip

  1. You guys look pretty cute pushing that stroller, I must say! Loving Russell’s hair cut, too! You guys are stylin’!! And an ice cream sandwich made from doughnuts? Genius.

  2. Love Russell’s ombre shirt 😉 So hip, per usual. You guys were so productive down there, but of course, I’m not surprised! Good work 🙂

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