Business Trip to Portland

I went to Portland for a hot minute for a quick business trip. I wish I’d had more time to explore. I’ll definitely be going back for a proper visit soon.

IMG_1720I flew in early in the morning and grabbed lunch at Tasty n Sons. It was a half hour wait on a Thursday before noon. I was impatient and kept checking my watch to make sure I wouldn’t be late for my meeting. But it was worth the wait. IMG_1715IMG_1717IMG_1719

I had the breakfast board (with the most delicious duck liver) and a half order of the potatoes bravas. While I was waiting, I read the chef’s book, Toro Bravo, and read about how he likes to go to restaurants with his chef friends and order every single thing off the menu. I really wanted to be able to do this with this restaurant. Alas, I was all by my lonesome and could only manage 2 dishes.  IMG_1722 IMG_1723

A trip to Portland isn’t complete without visiting a hip coffee shop. Luckily, there was one right next door to Tasty n Sons, Ristretto Roasters. I ordered a pour-over coffee and admired their space.

IMG_1724 IMG_1727

Then it was time to go to my meeting with the book buyer at Fred Meyer. After a quick store visit, I had to catch my flight back home. Pouting because I really wanted to stay for a little longer.


Reading this book and drinking a free beer (with refills, go Alaska Airlines!) on the way home eased the pain a little though. Who knew such a tale about bunnies could be so riveting?


Stay weird until next time, Portland.


3 thoughts on “Business Trip to Portland

  1. Portland is currently at the top of my list of American cities to visit! Now I want to go even more.

    Now let’s talk about Watership Down and how much I LOVED IT. Years ago someone scared me off reading it by saying it was so depressing and tragic, and I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up until last summer. I don’t know what they were talking about. I loved it so so so much, and talked about it so often that about half my co-workers have read it now, too. I hope you are enjoying it, too. Great summer book!

    • Ah, I love that you’re a kindred Watership Down spirit! I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book, but had just heard that it was good.My library edition had these wonderful intros by the author that made me fall in love in with before I’d even started, then by the first chapter I was completely hooked. I just finished it and I can’t wait to start recommending it to more people. And I need to buy a copy for my personal library. I’ve been trying to limit by book purchases these days, but this one’s a winner.

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