Searching for the Best Yoga Studio in the Bay Area Part IV

Since moving back to the Bay Area a year ago, I’ve been on the hunt for a yoga studio to call home. I’m still searching but I wanted to share my journey so far. It’s a bit long-winded (7 studios in 4 cities!) so I’ll be breaking it into parts over the next few weeks.

…continued from Part I II, and III


Namaste Yoga has three locations in the Bay Area: Grand Lake Oakland, Rockridge Oakland, and Berkeley.  Some classes were easier than others regardless of level, and I didn’t like not knowing what I was in for each time I walked in. If I’m going to take the time and effort to get to a class, I want to get a worthwhile work-out and challenge.

Monkey Yoga

Rejoice! I think I’ve found my yoga home for real. Monkey Yoga Shala is just a few store fronts down from Namaste in Grand Lake, but couldn’t be more different. It’s funky, eccentric, affordable, and really hard in a good way. The founder Tim, teaches most of the classes so it’s consistent and he gets to know you. He’s challenged me into new poses I’ve never even attempted before, and he walks around and regularly pulls and fixes people into the right position. I think this studio is really going to take my practice to the next level. My search is over for now. But I’m definitely still open to recommendations and trying more new places. It’s been such an interesting journey so far!


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