San Francisco Ramen Festival 2014

I’m a little behind in my posting after being on business trips last week in Chicago and Grand Rapids. But here’s a quick recap of the San Francisco Ramen Festival that I went to three weeks ago.


It was crowded…way too crowded. The two friends we went with gave up within 10 minutes and went to eat somewhere else. I convinced Russell that since we had come to this festival with the intent of ramen, driven through traffic, searched for parking FOREVER, and already endured the massive crowd that we were going to eat some g*ddamn ramen, whatever it took. IMG_1652

We stood in line for two hours. Poor Russell was pretty miserable (and let’s face it, so was I). Not only was the line super long, but it snaked through the extremely dense crowd and people kept knocking into us while we fiercely defended our place in line. We couldn’t really see where the line went, so finally coming within view of the white tents was deliriously exciting. IMG_1656

We bought three bowls to share between the two of us, then carefully walked back through the crowds to find a sitting spot. IMG_1658

In the end, Russell was pretty happy. And the ramen was legitimately good. Portions were fair for the $8 price. IMG_1660

While I was sitting there slurping my ramen, two guys sat behind me with a cold 12-pack of Sapporo. The beer looked so refreshing, especially after standing out in the hot sun without any water for two hours. Since I had more than enough ramen, and they had more than enough beer, I proposed a fair trade- I’d give them each a bite of my ramen if they gave me a can. They looked clean enough for me not to worry about germs (I was also not thinking all that rationally).IMG_1662It was so worth it. With the Sapporo, my meal became complete. And the guys got to accomplish their goal of trying the ramen without having to wait in line. I left the festival with warm feelings and a full belly. Patience for the win!

(Thanks Russell for indulging my crazy.)



5 thoughts on “San Francisco Ramen Festival 2014

  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how many people showed up. It reminded me of how crowded it is at Bay to Breakers. I wonder if they had enough food.

    • That’s what we were most afraid of… that we’d get to the front of the line only to find out there wasn’t enough food! Apparently, they started cutting off the lines around 2:00, a few hours after we’d gotten in. I think my days of crowded events is coming to an end. Bay to Breakers and ramen festival all in one season is too much!

  2. I wrestle with going to food festivals for this exact reason. The lines are just so long and we are so hungry and cranky that it just doesn’t feel fun. I’ve had better luck going to the cultural festivals (we have a Fiesta parade here in DC) and its more like street food plus lots of dancing. Good for you making the best of it!

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